I am writing in response to Patricia Calhoun's "Where the Bodies Are Buried in Boulder," in the January 23 issue. I believe that Ms. Calhoun is a very good and realistic journalist. The public has the right to know as much as possible as long as it doesn't interfere with the case.

If the Boulder police can't do their job without worrying about payoffs for photos, than maybe they should hand it over to someone who can. I think it's ridiculous that a former officer doesn't have self-control or morality. I am a parent, and if something ever happened to my daughter, I certainly wouldn't want former deputy Sawyer on the case.

One more point, concerning Rowdy Yates's letter in the January 23 issue: If you can't appreciate truthful and realistic journalism, then maybe you should go back to Dr. Seuss.

Denise Garrett

"This case has made a stir throughout...But what is there to wonder at, what is there so peculiarly horrifying in it for us? We are accustomed to such crimes! That's what's so horrible, that such dark deeds have ceased to horrify us. What ought to horrify us is that we are so accustomed to it, and not this or that isolated crime. What are the causes of our indifference, our lukewarm attitude to such deeds, to such symptoms of the times, ominous of an unenviable future? Is it our cynicism, is it the premature exhaustion of intellect and imagination in a society that is sinking into decay, in spite of its youth? Is it that our moral principles are shattered to their foundations, or is it, perhaps, a complete lack of such principles among us? I cannot answer such questions; nevertheless, they are disturbing, and every citizen not only must, but ought to be harassed by them. Our foundling and still timid press has already done good service to the public, for without it we would never have heard of the horrors of unbridled violence and moral degradation which are continually made known...And what do we read almost daily? Of things beside which the present case grows pale and seems almost commonplace. But what is most important is that the majority of our national crimes of violence bear witness to a widespread evil, now so general among us that it is difficult to contend against it."

Sound familiar? No, it's not the Ramsey case. That's how Fyodor Dostoyevsky described a Ramsey-like case 117 years ago, in The Brothers Karamazov. As things change, so they stay the same.

Gordon Fletcher
via the Internet

Patricia Calhoun, I want to thank you for being the strongest voice of many people within this community regarding the JonBenet Ramsey case. I have found myself feeling numb this past month, ever since this innocent child's murder.

Perhaps I am projecting and judging too quickly. Perhaps. But I trust my own instincts a lot more than I trust the Boulder police or the Ramseys at this point. Maybe I just don't get it, but why hasn't the semen been tested? Oh yeah, the defendant's rights...I move that the father and every male who was in the house prior to and during the amazingly professional search have blood/semen/whatever tested: a process of elimination.

Can I hire an attorney for JonBenet? The case would be the people who want the truth vs. the Boulder police and the Ramseys. I just want the little girl to have a voice.

Chanson Williamson

Your story on JonBenet Ramsey not only illustrates the frustration the media feels over this case, but the frustration that most of Colorado feels. I am so sick of hearing nothing from the Boulder police chief. In your article, you stated that the police were worried about protecting the defendant's rights; I would like to know who protected JonBenet.

Why are there so many rumors that this little girl was either physically or sexually abused if her family was so picture-perfect? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like one, it most likely is a damn duck! No matter how skilled a PR person is, he cannot rewrite history. Furthermore, does a grief-stricken mother hire a PR person and refuse to be interviewed?

If the parents wanted their daughter's killer caught, the only thing on their minds would be "What can I do?" As a mother, I know how I would react if something happened to my child. These people are acting like O.J. Simpson. If the police chief thinks the publicity this case has received is due to morbid curiosity, and public outrage is not his concern, then maybe he should rethink that--unemployed!

Renee Jackson-Pillow
via the Internet

The Bus Stops Here
As a concerned Manual student, I would like to tell you what I think about T.R. Witcher's "Forward to the Past," in the January 23 issue. Mandatory busing was overturned two years ago. Please give the school time to work out the kinks before you start predicting doom and gloom when nothing has taken place yet!

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