Fetal Attraction
I just finished reading Steve Jackson's February 13 feature, "The Fight of Their Lives," on Dr. Warren Hern, and felt compelled to comment on it. I first encountered this amazing man in his anthropology class last fall at the University of Colorado-Boulder. I was fascinated by his account of his life with the Shipibo Indians. My admiration for him grew when I found out about his involvement with the abortion movement; I was unaware of the extent of it until I read Mr. Jackson's excellent article.

Warren Hern has more concern for the state of humanity than any of the Bible-thumping wackos who persist in tormenting him for his unselfish concern for others. I feel honored to know this man and to have shaken his hand.

Geof Koss

It is often pondered how a civilized, cultured, educated, pragmatic country like Germany could be taken over by a relatively small group of zealot thugs. Ken Scott and his ilk demonstrate how.

Waving the cross of Christ instead of a swastika is much more effective, since we are taught not to argue with someone's "religion." Of course, if you wake up and find God sitting on the end of your bed ready to go over the day's agenda, you have to pay attention. Right? You betcha!

Frederick Sage

I read your article on the Ken Scott v. Warren Hern case. It was the usual disgusting, slanted, biased reporting by Westword. Warren Hern is no saint, although both his ego and your newspaper try to picture him that way. Even as you read this, he is killing innocent babies, and he does so daily.

"Tracy" (and I know her real name) and Mike Newell have old, expired garbage on Ken Scott and don't even know Ken as he is today. He helped me (and many others) many times with use of a car when I had none. He helped me (and many others) financially when I lost hours at work. Many times he has bought breakfast for all of us when we go out to eat after protesting. He remembers many people's birthdays. He hugs everyone, every day. He helps both blacks and whites. He prays for all of us and for Warren Hern. He encourages and corrects us with the utmost kindness and gentleness. I (we) are honored to have him as our friend, and I will be testifying at his trial.

Anyone, from the President on down, who continually kills the innocent and unborn child or supports the killing of innocent babies is mentally ill. Remember, all roads end at the throne of God, and you will have to give an account for all your thoughts, words and deeds. I wouldn't want to be in Hern's shoes with innocent blood on his hands.

C. Miller

I am a born-again Christian who is politically pro-choice and sees abortion as the least of a multiple of evils. It is a Christian principle that "by their fruits you shall know them." Contrasting Dr. Hern's responsible life of integrity with Scott's history of abuse, criminal behavior and lack of care and provision for his children is very instructive.

I offer an apology to Dr. Hern for the abuse and hatred he has suffered at the hands of those whose first command from their Lord is to love Him and everyone else. Political, even moral, disagreement is no excuse for cruelty and self-righteous persecution. God loves us all, whether by our actions in His name we bring shame to Him or not.

I'm sorry Dr. Hern is so alone, and pray that he will be able to find friends and companions. This is such a sad story, but he has demonstrated a commitment and dedication to what he believes and a hard-headed determination not to be intimidated that I admire.

Betsy Whitney

Dr. Hern is a hero, which in my definition is someone who helps others, even at great risk to his own safety and well-being. It takes great courage to hang in and keep helping women in spite of being constantly besieged by terrorists. These people call themselves "pro-life" for tactical reasons, but obviously they're not pro-life. Look at Ken Scott. He kills animals for fun. This is not pro-life; it's pro-death. Look at the history of his behavior toward his wife. Look at his attitude toward his own children--refusing to support them. If they live, it will be in spite of their father's actions, not because of them. This is typical of these people: They have little or no regard for children. What they actually are is pro-fetal life. These people cause suffering all around them.

Ken Scott is clearly psychologically ill. He clearly hates women. When a person has high self-esteem, he projects his respect of self outward in the form of respect for all others. When a person has low self-esteem, he projects his self-loathing outward in the form of contempt for others. People with low self-esteem tend to do bad things. It's a vicious circle. Professional help is needed to break it. It's too bad for everybody when people like Ken Scott don't get the professional help they need.

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