The Egos Have Landed
Until Patricia Calhoun's "The Princess and the Peons," in the September 11 issue, it looked like you'd lost interest in the Ramsey case. Too bad. I was hoping you could shed some light on the weird dance being performed by the police and the DA. Is this the Colorado two-step? Isn't Boulder a pretty small town for such enormous egos?

Doug Weatherwax
via the Internet

Calhoun, you miss the point: The reason Patsy Ramsey and Reverend Lyons compared themselves to Princess Diana is because they, too, are tired of being hounded by media slime--a category that includes you.

Jackie Baxter

Oh, Brother!
Regarding "What a Rush!," by Tony Perez-Giese and T.R. Witcher, in the September 11 issue:

Apparently the Boulder authorities are no more able to stop fraternity drinking than they are able to solve the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Imagine my surprise.

Cheryl Frank

The "students" who were featured in the article about underage drinking and grievances against the police department in Boulder are nauseating. I am enraged to see these little brats whining about their "rights" and demanding that the police "leave them alone" so that they can exercise their "choice" to get stinking drunk and ruin life in Boulder for everyone else.

It appears from this story that here is yet another group of young white males who believe they are entitled to do as they please, and screw the laws and the rights of other people who also live here. If I had the choice, I would refuse to give my tax dollars that keep the tuition artificially low for these ungrateful jerks. In-state tuition at CU-Boulder has been reported to be around $1,100 per semester. Preschool in Boulder costs more than that, at $500 to $800 per month!

Pay attention, boys, and tell me which word you do not understand: You are not allowed to drink alcohol before you are 21 years old. And you do not belong in a civilized society if you think that obnoxious, destructive behavior will persuade voters to change the law. Grow up. If you break the law, the police are going to do their jobs and make sure you are taken to a place where you can't hurt anyone else. Why is this such a surprise to you?

As a taxpayer, my support of the officers who enforce the law is unconditional. I think that if you checked with the real adults in Boulder, you would find zero tolerance for your temper tantrums. Just one time, think of something besides yourselves and your compulsive demands for immediate gratification. Think about the families who have tragically lost loved ones in drunk-driving accidents. Think about the assaults perpetrated by you intoxicated thugs on innocent acquaintances, girlfriends, wives and children. Think about the families that you might have one day and the terrible destruction wreaked by alcoholic fathers and mothers. Do you have to experience this yourself before you figure out that the binges are not worth it?

If my hard-earned tax dollars must support your opportunity to attend college, the least you can do is build a meaningful life that benefits others and is not wasted on drinking and drugging binges. Redirect all that energy to useful projects--start with hospital trauma units, battered-women's shelters and foster homes for children. The self-respect and pride you experience may help you realize that your life is too valuable to be thrown away at the bottom of a bottle.

Name withheld on request

I don't want to act as if your Rush story had no validity; however, it poorly represented the fraternity system. Not all fraternities are insurance nightmares. I am a member of a fraternity at the University of Denver, and I can speak from experience that it isn't about drinking, parties or rioting. The fraternity system is about brotherhood. Standing behind one another through the toughest of times, emotional as well as physical. It's about improving on one's education and adding to the college experience. Yes, one of the aspects is that of being social...but that doesn't mean getting drunk and out of control. This shouldn't be solely the responsibility of a fraternity; individuals should take responsibility for knowing when to say when.

My reason for writing to you is to point out the fraternities that are doing a good job. A good job at not just handling parties, but also furthering the education of men across the nation. This summer I attended a national leadership conference sponsored by the international headquarters of my fraternity. There I was given many leadership skills that can help--not only in fraternity life, but also in my personal life. I owe a great deal to my fraternity and all that it has done for me.

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