Dead to Writes
After reading her October 2 column, "Father Knows Best," here's what I want to know: If Patricia Calhoun is ever found murdered in Boulder, what do you think the cops will call it?

The answer to their prayers, maybe?
Art Berg

Face it: Justice will never be done in Boulder murder cases as long as Alex Hunter is DA. His reluctance to indict and punish criminals puts him in their same class. It is outrageous, and with the attention to the JonBenet Ramsey case, now the entire country knows that Alex Hunter is guilty of, at the very least, misfeasance of office, if not malfeasance. That he has been elected five times doesn't say anything positive about the people of Boulder.

B.E. Clark
Parsons, Kansas

Your story regarding Susan Baley's death was very well-written. I'm so glad you have a cyber-news Web and that we, as human beings, now have instant, uncensored global communication. In this instance, and hopefully many more to come, the isolated "good-old-boy" networks and insular self-serving small-town politics will have international light shed upon them. Might even raise some consciousness out there--or consciences!

The Baley family can begin a wrongful-death suit against the suspected perpetrator. They can then subpoena all relevant documents thirty days after filing of the suit. Pursuing it in civil court may force the criminal action: DAs are political animals.

S.L. Johnson
via the Internet

JonBenet and children who are victims of senseless, violent crimes everywhere are much too young to have experienced those heinous things. This poem, "An Innocent Young Angel," is in honor of her and others like her:

Oh, our little JonBenet,
You gave the world your loving smile.
You were brighter than a star,
If only for a while.

Full of talent, charm and grace,
You were already heaven-bound.
But the nation's heart did cry,
When we heard how you were found.

An innocent young angel,
You should not have left so soon.
Taken by the devil's hand,
Beneath a Christmas moon.

In one night those six short years,
Endured a lifetime's worth of pain.
Only her eyes saw the beast,
Closed in death they can't explain.

An innocent young angel,
You should not have left so soon.
Taken by the devil's hand,
Beneath a Christmas moon.
Danita D. Oakes
via the Internet

Piercing Commentary
The September 25 issue gave me a good laugh. In her column, "The Last Writes," Patricia Calhoun quotes a judge's decision that if the Denver Post loses its seat at the execution of Gary Davis, then the Post's "representation" that its reporter will be there will become an "inaccuracy," and the paper will "lose credibility."

Then I turned a few pages and read how the Post published a story about John Elway piercing his nipple--a story that turned out to be false.

Hmmmm. Just how much credibility does the Post have to lose?
P.S.: Congrats to Calhoun for that column, and especially for her last line, about how "usually the vultures wait until a body is dead before they tear it apart."

J.T. Parker

A Slow Burn
After reading Andy Van De Voorde's article, "The Jet Set," in the September 25 issue, I was completely aghast at the information it revealed. Why is it that government (on every level) continues to believe it can accomplish what it cannot: trying to play the role of private industry? In doing so, precious tax dollars are as usual. Is it any wonder, with the level of salaries paid to the SDC board of directors (e.g., president Andrew Barnes at $179,000), that the going is slow? The gravy train will always do the minimum speed limit.

How did such people get appointed by Mayor Webb at such salary levels? With the city remaining in control with regard to how Stapleton will be developed, what have they to fear from private-industry bids? Mayor Webb's first responsibility is the efficient use of taxpayer dollars, moneys that his constituents continually sweat to earn. The coming months should prove interesting. Will Mayor Webb elevate the needs of Denver's working class over the needs of his nine friends, the boardmembers he appointed at SDC? It is no wonder that politicians despise true tests of character!

Howard Sklar

Chunk Change
Regarding Stuart Steers's "A Dry Hole," in the September 25 issue:
I do not think Mr. Gable is all that smart. If he is, he would have been in with the crooks who control Denver, and he could have had a chunk of DIA. He would have made more on that one deal than he ever could in oil, even at $60 a barrel.

Larry Mooneyham
via the Internet

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