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At times Kenny Be is a first-rate satirist, and God knows there is plenty of hypocrisy in this town to satirize. Whatever his personal opinions on another man's character may be, this was an ugly, inappropriate and uncalled-for attack at a time when any person should feel compassion. You're wrong on this, Kenny--you owe some people an apology.

My deepest sympathy and respect for the Deutschendorf family for their great loss. Many people will miss John Denver.

Robert Rotolo

Mean people suck. This includes Kenny Be.
Beverly Justice

Kenny Be's ill-timed attempt at "satire" was disgusting. I admit that I haven't listened to John Denver's music for years; however, when I was younger, it sure did (and still does) move me and evoke fond memories.

It's John Denver's sensitivity (which Kenny Be obviously lacks), spirit and zest for life that should be remembered, not his mistakes! His family, friends and fans don't idolize him, they love him and how his life and music somehow touched their lives.

Please give Kenny a message for me: Bite me, you insensitive, jealous and inappropriate puke! You owe several thousand people in Colorado a public apology.

P.S.: Get some therapy.
H.R. Lindstrom

Once again, your trashbucket paper has taken a cheap shot at a celebrity who just passed away. Whether you were a John Denver fan or not, what appeared in the Kenny Be cartoon (?) was not only in very poor taste, it was downright disgusting. It's easy to poke fun at people who are no longer around to defend themselves, but I like to think there are still responsible publications that have respect enough for the deceased not to do so. Whatever merit you give or don't give John Denver's work, he should be respected as an artist and human being who wrote beautiful lyrics about love and nature--which, incidentally, was what our world used to focus on in music: lyrical content and aesthetic melodies, not the trash that's on the radio today.

Try having some respect and integrity as a publication instead of trying to push the envelope all the time for reader reaction, because I assure you--you will get it!

Bob Jopson

I believe in the old adage "If you can't say something nice about a person, say nothing at all." Michael Roberts's comment regarding his hatred for John Denver's music (undiluted purity, no less!) leads me to comment: Mr. Roberts, who cares what you think!

Lucille Worobel
via the Internet

Michael Roberts's diatribe last week on John Denver was not only distasteful and out of line, but as I see it, it was dredged up from the spirit of someone who is still struggling with his adolescence. There is a time and a place for each of us to voice our opinions, but there is also something called discernment that should be inbred and intertwined in a journalist/critic's artillery. He should know when his opinion is going to enlighten others and when it is venomous and needlessly hurtful. Obviously, Michael has severe deficiencies in this area. Everything reeked of a child's immaturity with a man's vocabulary!

I was enamored with John Denver when I was eleven years old, and then when I was fourteen, he was no longer "cool" in my peers' eyes. I also went on that trip of being scared people would know I liked his music and also listened to the Carpenters and sometimes even Barry Manilow! Twenty-some years later, I see how immature that stance was. John Denver wasn't in a league with Yes or Genesis in the Seventies, but that was because he had his own niche that was just as valid and just as worthy to be noticed and appreciated. I don't compare listening to a Gustav Mahler symphony with listening to a song by The Pretenders, yet they both have their place as being quite talented and justified as music to be reckoned with.

Mr. Roberts, I have agreed with you many times in the past, but last week you really should have put away your teenage insecurities and taken an oath of silence--if for nothing else, just to show a degree of restraint and class.

Dorothy Moran

Michael Roberts does not like John Denver. I can accept that. But to publish a diatribe that was an insult--not only to John Denver, but to his family and his fans--is about as tasteless as I have seen your magazine go. Without knowing Michael Roberts personally (for which I am extremely grateful), I am willing to bet he is a tactless, snot-nosed, no-talent hack whose love of music came and went with Whitesnake, Ratt and Motley Crue. His attack only pointed out that there are still mean-spirited, petty people who can only confirm their existence at the expense of others.

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