Business as Usual
Regarding Stuart Steers's "Incident on 17th Street," in the April 30 issue:
I am absolutely amazed at the whining of the ex-Hanifen Imhoff corporate executives. These people were all on the topmost bloodthirsty rungs of an American business. They prate about loyalty and ethics. Didn't their years of experience teach them anything? Hadn't they figured out before this that loyalty and ethics are irrelevant when it comes time to maximize profit? Remember--there's no such thing as too much profit. They left themselves vulnerable (as anybody is) and they got clobbered. Now the poor clowns won't be able to buy that fourth home in the Bahamas. If I were them, I think I'd be very quiet about this loss because of what it would say about my business competence.

Poor Walt Imhoff: He was only doing what any American CEO routinely does, and now he's getting smeared in court--and in your paper--for it. He had the power and he used it. It's his company and his rules.

As long as we all condone this sort of "business as usual," that's what we'll get.

William Handley

Just because Walt Imhoff is being sued does not in anyway diminish his principled concern for the "least among us" in helping to build the Honor House Veteran's Village at 17th and Benton Court in Lakewood. Otherwise, our poor veterans will continue to be sent to veterans' nursing homes in rural Colorado, far away from their families in the metro area. Walt Imhoff's financial gift was the first we received; he goes to the top of the list of veterans and their families.

Mary Murphy

Bums Away!
I just read Tony Perez-Giese's "The Bum's Rush" in the May 7 issue, and I can't believe the hypocrisy of the judicial system in Denver. Just because someone can't afford an apartment, that doesn't deprive him of the God-given right to get plastered. If that was the criteria for getting thrown in jail, I would be incarcerated right now instead of leading one of the most successful Internet companies in America. Everyone goes through some bad times, but in America you should always be able to rebound from them.

Read Fenner
via the Internet

While reading "The Bum's Rush," I felt my own rush of perspective that should not go unchecked. Brian Brainerd observed that the two homeless men drinking in the alley were not doing anything useful for society when they were free. I, however, feel their behavior is the invaluable conduit that those do-gooder busybodies seek out and thrive on. And while I could pursue this line of thinking at length, I feel a better course here is to offer a solution (and example) to Mr. Brainerd.

Instead of wasting your film and energy hassling these fellows, there is a solution that is win-win all around. Putting your truck to optimum use, round up as many homeless folks as you can and bring them down to Highlands Ranch! Think about it: You can temporarily rid your domain of their presence, as it will take them longer to work their way back to LoDo than to post bail from jail. You also will have exposed these folks to our greener pastures. This expansive frontier has dozens of alleys just begging for broken glass and urine!

And while you're out in Highlands Ranch, Mr. Brainerd, you could rub elbows with the righteous at the homeowners' association. You think you got an ax to grind? Why, there are folks out here taking a stand because they think their neighbor's house is too beige. Just think of the possibilities! Well, I gotta run--I hope this has been as valuable a lesson to you as it has been to me.

Kerry Neuville
Highlands Ranch

Regarding the self-appointed moral policeman who shoos undesirables (such as the homeless) from his comfy neighborhood: Apparently Christ has returned, and his name is Brian. Who else would have the gall to judge his fellow man? And to deem another's life as "useless"?

However, Christ is perfect, whereas Brian Brainerd, his delusions of holiness aside, is an idiot.

Melinda Brindley

The issue comes down to a very simple question: Do a couple of guys have a right to casually bum around and get plastered in a Larimer Street alley? Yes, they have that right--as long as they do so out of your face and mine. The bottom line is that individuals have the right to get blotto if they so wish, but not in my face. Let them get a legitimate job and pay their own rent or mortgage for their own place, where they can get shitfaced and do their own thing in privacy--not in public.

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