The Bused of Denver
Although I enjoyed your annual Best of Denver issue as well as your domestic-violence series, I didn't know how much I'd missed Patricia Calhoun's columns until she came out swinging in her July 2 "You Can't Get There From Here."

Give 'em hell, Calhoun! Send Pat Bowlen back to Canada. I'll happily donate bus fare--with some left over for those women trying to get off welfare.

Sam Jordan

How can we expect women to stay off welfare and hold down jobs if they cannot get to those jobs? I was very impressed with PUFF's project--and very unimpressed with the role the city has played so far. I hope Denver's Welfare Reform Board meets soon and addresses this problem. In the meantime, thanks to Patricia Calhoun for exposing the situation.

Ellie O'Toole

UFOs to Go
Regarding Tony Perez-Giese's "Reach for the Sky," in the July 2 issue:
What an adventure! After reading about Ken Storch and LJ Dalicandro's UFO-hunting project, my life looked rather dull. (And, in fact, it is.) Please help me get some vicarious thrills by reporting on the result of their hunt.

Jeanne Robbins
via the Internet

Interesting article on extraterrestrials/ aliens/UFOs. For your prophetic information, those funny-looking lights in the sky are all "fallen angels," flitting about here and there, doing paranormal/psychic vibration work on your brains and generally doing the work of their master: Satan. They're like shapeshifters, physically appearing in any form the human mind is capable of understanding. However "benign" their channeled messages may seem, they are diabolical to the core and will render nothing but ruin, death and destruction for mankind in the end. There's only one force that can (and will) confront them: The Holy Spirit. Read and understand the words and works of the Holy Spirit in the Islamic Koran, and you will have not only the means by which you can understand who and what they are, but the "inner spirit" to overcome their influence in your lives--and they are influencing most sentient life on this planet, including yours.

Thanks for bringing attention to this issue--finally.
Jonas the Prophet

On the Domestice-Violence Beat
Regarding your series on domestic violence, "Hitting Them Where They Live," in the June 11 and June 18 issues:

I am writing to say thanks for making an attempt to expose domestic violence for what it really is--the biggest bullshit scam going! From the reporting to the prosecution, domestic violence is anti-male from the word go. Also, at $2,000 a pop, guilty convictions represent a cash cow for the state justice department. How else are they gonna pay for all the new jails they want to build?

While lawmakers and feminist groups want to "micro-manage" society's dysfunctional relationships, they should at least have the balls to level the playing field! Namely, district attorneys should be equally as aggressive to prosecute women who manipulate the system as a means of retaliation against men.

Name withheld on request

We want to make it clear that we have been working to end domestic violence for over a decade. One of us is an original incorporator of our local abuse shelter; we have sponsored benefit events for the shelter. Nonetheless, much of the women's-shelter movement is seriously misinformed about the causes and scope of the family-violence problem. For ten years we supported a cause with a mistaken premise. We were scammed, conned, taken in and duped!

This misunderstanding of the family-violence problem is so pervasive that churches and charities around our country are unwittingly supporting programs that make things worse. Local governments, the courts, law enforcement, prosecutor's offices, mental-health clinics and other tax-supported agencies fund programs and make policy decisions based on misinformation and political propaganda rather than responsible scientific studies. The scientific studies reveal a startlingly different picture of the problem of family violence.

One of the widely believed myths of our society is that family violence is men assaulting their wives and children. Solid scientific research reveals that family violence is something women do more frequently than men. Men account for most violence outside the home; however, women instigate most family violence and women assault family members more frequently and more severely. Feminists, women's shelters and the media usually quote "reported violence" statistics collected by law-enforcement agencies. Law-enforcement statistics tell us about the activities of law-enforcement agencies, not the activities of families. Law-enforcement statistics about spousal violence are very misleading, and those who quote them are either misled or deliberately attempting to mislead.

We cannot hope to implement solution-focused programs and policies until we face the fact that women are violent. A "politically correct" but scientifically false diagnosis only makes the problem worse.

Reverend Sam and Bunny Sewell
Naples, FL

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