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Tom Morris

Scam I Am
Regarding the August 20 Off Limits:
I see the big push for a new stadium as a sham--or could it be a scam? The stadium supporters have tightened their muscle on the city to help them even further. So the city goes all out and rolls out the red carpet. What the supporters are conveying by their actions is that the taxpayer should be satisfied with one choice. But we also have a choice to say no. Those of us who oppose the tax, I believe, are opposed to welfare for the owner, who has millions of dollars. My gosh! Are there not people who need more help than he? I would be in favor of a sales tax for increasing our children's education level. Or I would be in favor of a sales tax to help homeless families and single mothers. I would be in favor of other similar needs that would be more important to this Broncos fan than making a multi-millionaire more rich. Now, since the city has given him savings of millions of dollars on other related matters, the Broncos' owner should finance the whole enchilada himself. Or repair the existing one, as Stuart Ohlson suggests.

T.V. Correa

Sorry, Wrong Numbers
Regarding Brandon Zupancic's August 13 letter about Megan Hall's "Crossed Wires," in the August 6 issue:

I think it requires a phenomenal leap backward in reasoning to think that my mother could mistakenly write the words "eleven-thousand six-hundred thirty" instead of the "one-hundred sixteen" that she did write (duplicate checks are wonderful things!). If it was her fault, why would US West accept responsibility by giving her an $11,000 credit? Obviously, the company is capable of making mistakes, such as trying to electronically transfer the funds instead of presenting the check that they still have not returned to her.

We aren't saying that the phone company was trying to intentionally defraud my mother, just that there is a dire need for improvement in the way things are handled. The US West employees running the ads on KHOW seem to agree.

As for the attacks on Megan Hall's journalistic ability and integrity, she spoke with all the parties involved: my mother, DMFCU, the Public Utilities Commission and US West. I think she did a fine job.

Yes, Westword often prints stories about wrongdoing in government and big business because, unlike the two "official news" dailies, they have the guts to do it. This is a country of people who often root for the underdog. It's when people defend Goliath that we question their (often financial) motivation. What's yours?

I think the average, reasonable person would conclude that you're an idiot.
Erin Croteau

Roberts's Rules of Order
I went to Lilith Fair, and it was a blast! The only negative aspect of the show was that it was oversold; there were way too many people there. Michael Roberts was very negative about Lilith Fair ("My Seven Hours With Lilith," August 27); Westword should have gotten a writer with a better attitude about it. If he didn't want to go, then he should not have gone. It's obvious Roberts doesn't have any musical background or taste at all. These women have worked hard to get where they are and where they are going.

You pissed me off with this article. I had a blast at the concert, and it was the best Lilith so far. Roberts and his lazy wife did not have fun, so they should have stayed home and watched PBS, because those shows are like his writing in this article: no personality!

Tommy Chapman
via the Internet

Just had to say yes to Michael Roberts's review of the Lilith Fair. Shocking, perhaps, coming from a girl, but I just wanted it out there that even some of the chicks found the Girlie Tour, complete with its unnecessary half-hour breaks between each half-hour set, a bit of a yawn. My friends who were there would probably not admit to boredom, but they did in fact talk through two-thirds of the show. While I am a fan of Sarah McLachlan, the "oooh" queen, Natalie Merchant ("Kind and Generous" excepted), Joan Osborne and, especially, the Cowboy Junkies (for whom the sound was half off), I, too, cringed at the sight of the Starbucks wagon--a good reminder that, no, this is not, as the ever-annoying (and equally cringe-inducing) Paula Cole said, "a beautiful love thing," but rather another corporate thing.

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