Hearts and Glowers
Robin Chotzinoff's "Detective Lynch Gets Her Man," in the February 11 issue, was a wonderful valentine to love--and a real shocker to find in Westword. Since when did you decided to run heartwarming stories? Next thing you know, you'll be running a pet column.

Francie Dillon
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I don't know how Chotz does it, but she's done it again. Human interest that's human and interesting. Oh, yeah--and ironic and whimsical. Randy Newman should write a song.

Robert Poulk
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The Lot Sickens
Regarding Harrison Fletcher's "Chicanery Row," in the February 4 issue:
I'm really amazed that someone has finally taken notice! My mom lives in Thornton Mobile Estates (another of ARC's recently acquired properties), and her lot rent is now going to take 75 percent of her Social Security. She has many health problems, and working or even finding someone willing to hire her is a problem. Let's face facts: My mom cannot afford to buy toilet paper any longer. I say it's time to reach out to ARC's investors and let them know just where their investment monies are coming from. Let's all get together and get even with ARC for abusing the old, disabled and poor!

Please, Westword, keep publishing articles on ARC and its damage. Good luck to John the Depressed Guy, and God help all of those in ARC's parks.

Paula Hillyard

Give Them a Hand
Stuart Steer's February 11 "Survey Says," on the state's survey of O'Hara Regional Center for Rehabilitation, was upsetting. The point he made in the article that stood out was the reimbursement rate paid by Medicaid to facilities caring for people with such high need for care. To reimburse a facility $214 a day for 24-hour room, board and medical care is less than $9 per hour. Talk about tying a facility's hands! How can our country's medical system ever expect to care for our constantly growing elderly population at these rates? Short-staffing is a chronic problem in our entire economy right now. How can a medical facility expect to attract qualified people when its hands are tied by a system that refuses to keep up with competition?

I feel for the people who have worked so hard to care for the patients at O'Hara. They should be proud of the work they did to bring their facility back to state standards. This facility does the hardest work in health care, as far as I am concerned: caring for the people who can't pay top dollar but have the most serious of medical conditions. It is disgusting to me that lawyers would even consider bringing this case. It's our system that's created the problem, not a facility trying to provide loving care with no resources!

Jennifer Woodard
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Not Another Silly Love Song
I just wanted to point something out in your February 11 issue. One article is about O'Hara Regional Center, and the very next one is Juliet Wittman's "Eternally Yours," about Gloria Lamar, who ended up in Heritage center. That's the same place. The reason I know this is that I'm a music therapist, and I played music for Gloria and Tom Hoh. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life--the love between the two of them was unending.

Edee Gail

God bless you, Gloria Lamar. And may you burn in hell, Donald Bauman, you cheating bastard.

John Rael
via the Internet

Great writing style in "Eternally Yours." Gloria Lamar's story is tragic...but Juliet Wittman's done a great job of telling it.

P.S.: I've watched alternative newspapers across the country, and Westword is every bit as good as the papers from the bigger towns. Thanks for being here. And thanks for printing Savage Love. Fuck the wimps...he's great!

Larry Eschenbacher
via the Internet

Since Donald Bauman was a stalker, did he ever stalk Gloria? And forget the legal technicalities--he owes her way more than $1,000 in restitution. Where is this creep's conscience?

Carolyn Billick
via the Internet

Editor's note: No, Bauman did not stalk Gloria Lamar. And that $1,000 in restitution was determined by the Boulder District Attorney's Office, which did not increase the amount after Bauman's financial resources were revealed.

First Amendment Things First
As a "faggot" reader of Westword, I was not surprised by the anti-sentiments aimed at your awesome decision to run the Savage Love column. Needless to say, I am not shocked by the ignorant, politically correct fascist views of the letters' authors, either. I would like to say to these people that if you are going to judge something, become familiar with it first--that is, before you "attempt" to defend "a cause." First and foremost, Mr. Savage does not refer to others as faggots; he refers to himself as the faggot. Duh! Furthermore, plenty of black people refer to themselves as "niggers." Where is your letter to HBO for presenting Chris Rock's show, Mr. Goodrum?

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