Honk If You Hate Jesus of the Week
Let me second Sandra Metz's March 18 letter as to your offensive Jesus of the Week feature. Would you do the same for the leader of any other religion? I have defended your paper due to its sometimes excellent articles, despite many sexist and/or near pornographic ads. I'd like to think you would not do some of them for the almighty dollar.

I, too, will have to read Westword less or not at all...and cease to recommend worthwhile articles to others--unless this type of material is discontinued. Just be fair.

Ron Vander Kooi
via the Internet

I, too, am curious why you would run a weekly cartoon that mocks the center of a religion that many of your readers practice. Would you run a gay-bashing cartoon? I dare you. No, I'm not homophobic. I'm just pointing out how hypocritical your actions are. Running this cartoon reflects poor taste, poor judgment and insensitivity on the part of your editor and staff.

Steven Dzilvelis
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Comic Relief
Ditch Jesus of the Week and bring back Ernie Pook!
Gail Simon

I am very disappointed that you have discontinued certain comics, especially The City, Life in Hell and Ernie Pook, or whatever that one was called. The other comics were the second thing I read after Kenny Be. I pick up the paper for the art and entertainment listings and I read a lot of the features, but the departure of the comics has left a hole. I think you should expand the comics rather than get rid of them.

Daniel Costello
via the Internet

The Devil's in the Details
I have just finished the last part of Steve Jackson's "Dealing with the Devil" series in the March 18 issue, and the whole thing makes me sick. Not just what those horrible boys did, either.

The point of my letter: Where were the parents?
The pain that Brandy's mother is going through must be tremendous, but I can't help but wonder why her fourteen-year-old daughter was sitting at a bus stop at that time of night.

The mother of one of these boys is sitting outside the courtroom. After she has heard for the third time the horror that her son was involved in--and obviously seemed to have thought was okay to be involved in--what she talks about is what gang members' parents and families have to do to "support" their children's behavior. Talk about being completely self-centered! No wonder her son and nephew know no compassion or humanity.

The parents are not entirely to blame, no--but you must look at these children's surroundings. They are ignorant of morality, common sense and compassion, because they have never been exposed to any of those things. Those boys deserve everything they get and worse. I have no pity for them, others like them or their families.

I'm disgusted with incompetent parents.
Denise Garrett

The reason I'm writing is that I feel like more young girls should read these articles and be aware of the consequences that come about when getting into a car with strangers or, for that matter, going to parties where gangbangers reside.

This story was so long and shocking that it's almost a book. I feel for Brandy's family, and my prayers go out to them, but what a lot of people do not think about is the fact that there are a lot of young girls just like Brandy who hang out on the Federal Boulevard strip and don't know what they are about to get themselves into, just because they want to have fun or get attention. That doesn't mean that they deserve to die or go through a night of hell. I know this because my girlfriends and I used to hang out and "cruise" this strip on weekends. We used to get ourselves into some predicaments, and now I thank God that nothing bad ever happened to us. Now that I've read about the torment and hell that poor little girl went through that night, I can't even drive down the street without looking at certain people with disgust.

This world has become such a sick place.
A.E. Torrez
via the Internet

When I came from California, the first thing I read was Westword's "Dealing with the Devil" series. I think you are doing a great job informing the people about just how sick these so-called gangsters are that are out there on the streets. I hope that "Dealing with the Devil" will be an eye-opener to those parents who let their kids run free all hours of the night. I strongly feel that this could have been prevented if these parents would have had more control over their kids. I think that Brandy's mom is in denial; her daughter wasn't the innocent little girl she thought she was. I think that this is very sad, and no one should go through what she did, but come on. Brandy "Logic" wasn't wearing a red jersey because she wanted to be like a seven-foot black man. Where did a fourteen-year-old and her friend get money to buy cocaine and beer?

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