Best Wishes
I couldn't believe that Westword readers actually chose Taco Bell for Best Taco and smelly old McDonald's for Best French Fries. I'm sure there were similar insults in other categories, but I don't want to know.

That is last-resort food! It's cheap, convenient and disgusting. Maybe I can understand an occasional visit to Taco Hell if you have (a) kids hollering 'Yo quiero Taco Bell!' in the car; (b) only $.79 in your pocket and a drunk-induced urge to get in touch with your inner carnivore; or (c) a special penchant for yappy little Chihuahuas that speak English with a bad fake accent. But, come on, people--Denver has many muy fantastico Mexican restaurants. Did that sugary "hot sauce" from Taco Bell do that much damage to your tastebuds?

Once upon a time I loved Happy Meals (for the toys, honestly), but perhaps my geriatric sensibilities now cause me to get sick to my stomach just smelling the stuff, which seems to be often, since they are automatically shoved into every public-transportation hub except those in India. (Don't worry, they're coming to a Calcutta corner near you.) Thanks to you cheeseballs of the world, I have to smell it everywhere I go and be reminded of how it is--with people acting like what they eat (moooo!) and McCulture taking over the world.

Still, I never thought people who frequent these places thought they were actually "the best." I just hope that these choices are merely indicative of the people who have the time and inclination to sit around and fill out the Best Of questionnaire in the first place.

Thank goodness Westword's editorial staff had the good sense to override these cheesy choices.

Ande Wanderer
via the Internet

Hey, you're entitled to your opinion! But Wayne Hagin and Jeff Kingery as the Best Sports Announcing Team?!? Do you ever get out of Denver and listen to real sports announcers? Hagin has a "Dr. Sing-a-Song" delivery that makes it appear he is speaking to a class of slow kindergartners. He also belabors the obvious. Listen to the cliche garbage that passes for his commentary. Kingery is a little more palatable, but the pitch of his voice makes me wonder if they'll be bringing back those "breaking glass" Memorex commercials anytime soon.

If his voice were any higher, dogs would be the only creatures capable of hearing Rockies' radio broadcasts. Rating these bozos as the best cheapens the ratings and reinforces the belief that Denver is a benighted backwater.

I'd kill for Steve Stone with anyone! Let's bring back Dave Campbell.
Martin Berliner
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Best use for this issue: to wipe your ass!!!
Howard Cox
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What a Waaah to Go!
Interesting theme running through the June 17 issue...
Waaah! I bought a car, and the dealer made a mistake that I failed to correct (Jonathan Shikes's "It's About the Law"). Then they admitted their error and offered to make things right, but they talked mean to me and hurt my little feelings, so now somebody must pay!!

Waaah! My crazy sister called the cops on me, and I willingly let them take me away (T.R. Witcher's "This Is Crazy"). Then they locked me up and caused me to lose an entire 48 hours of my life, leaving me unable to function, so now somebody must pay!!

Waaah! My sons forced me to go on a terrifying thrill ride at the amusement park (Stuart Steers's "Twists and Shouts"). Then I hurt my little back, and despite seeing 800 doctors in two years, I still feel bad, so somebody must pay!!

Question: Have the Salleys (Julie Jargon's "Too Much Church") called the ACLU yet, or is it too difficult to sue God?

Jill Housh

Running Hot and Cult
Thanks for the great information on the International Churches of Christ in Julie Jargon's June 17 "Too Much Church." My alma mater in Massachusetts has banned the International Churches of Christ from its campus--and none too soon.

I did want to make a couple of points, though, based on my experiences as a volunteer with a campus ministry and my knowledge of the ICOC. ICOC youth groups and college groups, as you noted, rarely mention what denomination they are affiliated with, and the groups often go by different names. If your child, friend or significant other is involved in a school or campus youth group, always ask for brochures and more information about the church. There are a few very good Christian youth groups and campus groups that, because of a lack of knowledge on the public's part and good-intentioned wariness, are often associated with the ICOC in people's minds, even when they are not. Any reputable campus ministry or youth group will be more than happy to give you more information about the group, and most are tied in with either a church denomination or a para-church ministry (such as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship or Young Life Christian Fellowship).

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