Tea and SympathyRegarding Justin Berton's "The Glendale T&A Party," in the January 20 issue:

An important part of the story was missed in the focus on T&A and the Raptors: the open-democracy effort that the Tea Party rode in on. Lots of decent, independent people who cared about good government and responsible behavior had joined in the coalition that became the Tea Party because their rights had been trampled on. They have been left homeless by the Raptors' capture of the party for their own objectives. Joe Rice's administration was financially reckless, conspired to sell off part of the city to Denver, ignored the voters when they increased debt, failed to protect the city against an environmental polluter and lied in key city documents.

Two years later, we seem to be left with no choices unless a third way opens up between now and April.

Bill Junor

via the Internet

What a couple of clowns Dunafon and Bonniwell are. How could anyone believe they are for the people? They are major business owners in Glendale and are only in it for Dunafon, Bonniwell and Matthews. Whiskey-swilling bastards and an ex-stripper are all that they are. Unfortunately, the money they have earned taking advantage of their location in Denver has caused their heads to swell. Glendale residents should not fall for their political agenda, as there is none.

If elected, they should be held personally liable for any litigation they cause the city in their quest. The future looks and sounds very bad for Glendale. Be afraid, be very afraid: The "gangster wannabes" are on the loose.

John Rael

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I want to thank you for exposing the all-too-true antics of the Glendale Tea Party. I lament that much of what you wrote was accurate -- a tale of a few off-kilter individuals hell-bent on transforming the city into something it never can be: San Antonio south of Leetsdale. What your article did not capture, however, is the sentiment shared by many City of Glendale employees who do not respect the Tea Party's actions -- employees who each have contributed nearly twenty years of energy, heart and enthusiasm into bettering the city in a realistic way. These employees continue to dedicate themselves to their mission despite not knowing what each day will bring under the Tea Party's irrational, senseless leadership. I would hate for your well-written piece to suggest that all City of Glendale employees share the beliefs held by the Tea Party. Such a suggestion couldn't be further from the truth.

Name withheld on request

I've lived in Glendale for a little over two years. Mike Dunafon claims he cares so much about the city -- then why has he been to just a few council meetings, and then he brings along his strippers? Mark Smiley voted against the settlement with developer Brown and voted against the new city attorney. The current council is trying to unravel what the Tea Party has done.

One more thing: Since Balano and Perry are accused of lying on their applications about not supporting taxes, then the Tea Party is against people voting -- for it wouldn't have been the council that put the hotel tax in place, it would have been the voters (per TABOR laws).

James Thiel

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Private LivesRegarding Stuart Steers's "Ready, Willing and Disabled," in the January 20 issue:

Thanks for the incisive article pertaining to the state's treatment of the developmentally disabled. One of the great thrills of my life was meeting and getting to know Miriam. In addition, her caretakers are absolutely wonderful in every respect, and I am sure that they will tell you that she gives as much to them as they give to her in terms of love and respect.

It is unfortunate that the bureaucrats invariably focus upon such easy targets as Ridge for budget-cutting. I dare suggest that not one legislator would support an extension of the sales tax to assist the developmentally disabled. Hopefully, the views of such state representatives as Maryanne Keller and Sue Windles -- that privatization is not always desirable and that the alleged "savings" are illusory at best -- will ultimately prevail.

Hopefully, Ms. Hammons also will be better informed prior to submitting a new proposal. Meanwhile, I'm sure Miriam would love a visit from her so that she could see the very real person behind the number. Miriam was not expected to live past the age of two; she recently turned thirty. Thank you, Colorado.

Elwyn F. Schafer


Drivel Before You ShootRegarding Eric Dexheimer's "The Stats Don't Lie," in the January 20 issue:

I think Mr. Dexheimer should lighten up. People with unique talents don't follow normal patterns. Mr. Billups received enough technical training at the University of Colorado to find a good, high-paying job and start his work life. He did not need any more preparatory training before starting his career in earnest.

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