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If God gave us cannabis, who gives us cannabis prohibition? That answer may be found at 1 Timothy 4:1-5, the apostasy.

Stan White

A Chicken Little in every pot: Truth is, hemp-seed products are not, and will not be, illegal. The DEA was doing us a favor, and its interest is diminishing. As the largest importer of hemp seed, and the oldest hemp-seed food company and founder of the Hemp Food Association, I assure you that we intend to comply with the rule, just as we and the other importers already have for years.

The real question is, "Why are the Hempsters lying to anyone who will listen, thereby creating the very thing the Hempsters accuse the DEA of: killing the market?"

The market for these products is being killed by the hemp Chicken Littles, not the DEA.

Richard Rose
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