Letters to the Editor

A Matter of Degrees

Lesson plan: Eric Dexheimer's "Friend or Foe," in the December 13 issue, was the most frightening story I've read in a long time. I understand that colleges need to aggressively pursue accusations of sexual assault (are you listening, University of Colorado football recruiters?), but it seems that Colorado State University officials have taken this too far.

Isn't anyone responsible for his/her own actions anymore? It seems to me that if Mike Kochevar had to leave school, then Sarah should have been kicked out, too. (It's clear that both Sarah and Mike were at fault here, at least to some degree.) A better course of action, though, would have been for both students to be allowed to remain, sadder and wiser after this very unfortunate lesson.

Maggie Fulton
via the Internet

Bed alert: Has the world gone mad, or is it me? Ladies, experimenting with your sexual freedom does not mean you get to have sleepovers with your buddies and accuse them of rape. It sounds like no one was very honest about what they wanted from the beginning, and now two lives are in shambles. Their disparate views on what kind of relationship they actually had is astounding, and I quote: "She never had any interest in Mike anyway." Then what was she doing in bed with him? Friendship is built on communication and trust, so I don't know what these two had, but it was not a friendship. "Hooking up" comes not with less responsibility, but more, much more.

Some things never change, and my advice to the young ladies of today is the same as it has been for centuries: Put the bottle down. Keep your pants on, especially when in bed with a man with whom you have no intention of "making it." Know your boundaries, learn to articulate them. Because no means no, but turning away and saying nothing means... nothing. And trust me, leaving it up to a twenty-something-year-old male with an erection to read your mind will have the same outcome every time.

Barbara Macfarlane

A facism in the crowd: Thirty years of so-called "feminism" have taken us from the ridiculous to the sublime. Women want to be equals in the workplace, but weak and victimized everywhere else -- capable of being mesmerized by charismatic, evil, mustache-twirling men and forced into decisions they haven't the will to resist. Why didn't you use the real name of "Sarah," since you used Mike's? Why are men held accountable for their crimes and not women? What about a woman who leaves her infant son to die and then is given custody of him? How far are we going to let this nonsense go?

It's time to take off the blinders and see "feminism" for what it really is: a new fascism that is in fact thoroughly anti-feminist in every respect. It is nothing more than an immature nihilistic movement of spoiled brats who set out to trash the past and are now seeing how far they can take it. You want an example of a feminist? Margaret Thatcher.

What has happened to this young man at CSU and many others like him is criminal. I hope his poor mother and other women will come to see how dangerous this really is and how far it could go. Making love is now a game of "Mother may I?" on college campuses.

I remain a dyed-in-the-wool bleeding-heart liberal. Les Miserables is my favorite novel. Am I the only person who can recognize fascism when he sees it?

Marty Goldstein

Seeing Red

Bowling for dolors: I read with surprise the December 13 "Buffs Taken Aback," by Bill Gallo (a writer I enjoy), about CU and the Bowl Championship Series rankings, which directed so much venom and fury toward Nebraska (and dragged up the same tired old jokes). All Nebraska fans I know (myself included) tip our caps to CU for a terrific victory over our beloved Big Red on November 23. However, we are not as inclined to overlook CU's two (ugly) losses as is Gallo, who calls them meaningless. There are no meaningless losses in college football if you want to be champs, which is one of the beautiful things about the sport: i.e., all games matter.

The BCS is not the fault of Nebraska, and the Nebraska fans I know do not try to justify Nebraska's undeserved good fortune. But quit crying, Gallo. Your team was not gypped. One-loss conference champions Oregon, Illinois and Maryland are the teams with a reason to be angry.

Jeff Butters

Cause and Effect
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