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This article was their fifteen minutes of lifetime fame. And I will make sure and line the birdcage floor with it, which is still more attention for Thorne and friends than they should be getting.

Sam Coffman

When verse comes to worse: I appreciate your right to print your articles and the right of B.C. Tours to espouse their beliefs to their selective tour groups. However, I don't appreciate how the "Book, Chapter and Verse" article reflects on all Christians.

I am a "moderate" Christian according to your definition, who believes God is behind all life and evolution. In fact, I am very strongly a believer that all life on this planet is related and that humans -- as the dominant species -- are called on to care for and protect all life on this planet, not destroy it. For me, two recent, several-hour-long visits to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science were awesome and very close to being spiritual journeys.

The variety and beauty of plants and animals and environments in which they all live amazes me. I feel privileged to be able to see these examples of "God's hand" on display in room after room. "Colorado Through the Ages" art re-creations of what the Denver area probably looked like through the past millions of years was fascinating! Even exploring past belief systems in the Egyptian Hall and current thoughts and education on health in the Hall of Life were memorable -- and certainly not at all in conflict with my belief in God as Creator and Jesus as my Savior.

It bothers me that an article like this blankets over all Christians a presumption that we are "Creationists" -- versus the fact that very many Christians believe as I do (and actually, if you check it out, as Darwin believed most of his life) that God created not just all life and this planet, but also evolution.

Dayle Dodge

Have faith: I appreciated your fair story on B.C. Tours. A lot of writers could easily take jabs at the Christian faith or make these men out to be wackos. I appreciated the insight David Holthouse provided. Great article.

Kerry Koberg

It's an ad, ad, ad, ad world: Nice advertisement! Gee, too bad your paper didn't approach an actual scientist to get a viewpoint from the other side. But then, that's why average U.S. citizens rank so poorly in their grasp of basic scientific principles...because the media paints nonsense as fun, exciting, even rebellious. In reality, I suppose B.C. Tours is a good name, because if they were running society, we'd all still be living in caves!

Brent Yaciw
Wesley Chapel, Florida

True or false: Is it okay to be chained to a false belief? No! I am all for parents being able to educate their children as they see fit. Unfortunately, even if their children eventually wander from their fundamentalist beliefs, the dogmatic rejection of science in their education leaves them with a stunted worldview and a misguided distrust of science. If the creationists are going to debunk evolutionary theory, they should at least understand what they are attacking. I don't know any evolutionary biologist who believes that frogs evolved from dinosaurs, or even the reverse.

Finally, what's with the white lab coat? I am secure enough in the scientific basis for my beliefs that I don't feel the need to hide in clerical robes when I am at work.

Kevin Merrell
via the Internet

Shooting stars: When we see stars at night, we are looking millions of years into the past. How does Tyson Thorne square that fact with his interpretation of the Bible?

Gary and Pat Betterton
via the Internet

Faith moves mountains: Thank you for the excellent story on B.C. Tours. As the program director for a similar organization, Creation Tour Ministries, I thought the article gave the featured group a fair opportunity to express its controversial beliefs and approach to science.

All too often, the same "experts" in evolution who claim to advocate free speech can't seem to tolerate the idea that many other, educated individuals embrace Genesis as literal fact. In a fair debate, both sides of the argument should be heard, and your feature gave voice to a belief that seldom gets fair representation.

Rob Sanchez
via the Internet

Myth America: I don't know if I should laugh or be scared. I do wish an "Exhibit on the Inquisition" could be interpreted by these "believers" -- but I'm sure that would be "Christianized," also. Did this "myth monger" tell these children not to go to the doctor when they are ill, but to pray (real hard)?

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