Letters to the Editor


Jailhouse shlock: I was horrified by Alan Prendergast's "Prisoners of Sex" story, in the March 6 issue. These girls are given one last chance to turn around, and what happens? They are preyed upon by the very people who are supposed to keep them safe!

I think Governor Owens should call for an investigation of this program. The sexual assaults at YOS could be as big a scandal as the Air Force Academy.

Jeanie Hadden
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They're no angels: Disgusting! Absolutely disgusting!

"Disgusting" is the most polite word I can think of to describe my feelings after reading last week's cover story. The YOS program is a complete joke. It serves no purpose except to expose some poor defenseless girl to possible sexual assault. Does YOS director Brian Gomez have two brain cells to rub together? I wonder. While the young ladies sentenced to that program are clearly no angels, no female deserves to be treated like a prostitute.

YOS spells recipe for disaster...

Robert A. Hudson

Girl trouble: I really would like to know if anything can be done about this issue. Are the offenders really getting what they deserve? Is there anything that someone like me could do to get the program closed altogether? I cried reading this story, because of what these girls have to go through. Thank you for running this story so the issue can be out in the open.

Tia Lottie

Ashes to ashes, lust to lust: In the dictionary, "lusty" is "full or characterized by healthy vigor" -- did you really mean to use that word on the cover to describe the prison guards in YOS? "Lustful" would have been a somewhat better choice -- but "depraved," "immoral" and "statutory rapists" are words that seem to hit the nail on the head.

Kathleen Halleck

There Auto Be a Law

Local hero: Alan Prendergast is my hero for the two articles he wrote in the March 6 issue: the one on YOS and "Leave the Driving to Bill," on HB 1225. Bill Owens is in bed with the insurance industry and wanted to completely get rid of the PIP laws. With a high rate of people without health insurance, who would pay for the emergency medical treatment of these uninsured? The State of Colorado, of course, but the most important thing is that we saved money for State Farm.

When will people in Colorado wake up and see "Slick Willy" for what he really is?

Name withheld on request

Massaging the facts: Thank you, Alan Prendergast, for writing an article that finally tells "the rest of the story" about auto no-fault reform. I have many patients who view massage-therapy services as medically necessary and vital -- hardly alternative.

Keep up the good work.

Donald W. Kipp

Roadie warriors: Alan Prendergast's article on insurance was very well done and informative. As a member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, I was surprised at Mr. Diepenbrock's remarks regarding our fine state of Wyoming. The fact is that rather than driving around a few hours to find someone to smash into, our drunks have to get home quickly to avoid being run over by drunken Coloradans who have come north of the border to buy their fireworks.

Terry W. Mackey
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The Shrining

At cross purposes: Thank you so much for Patricia Calhoun's wonderful article about roadside memorials, "Shrine On," in the February 27 issue. I know firsthand how important this issue is for surviving family members when someone is killed on the road.

My mother was killed in a car crash in the Washington, D.C., area by a speeding driver who crossed the median strip and hit us head-on. I survived the crash, but my mother did not. After getting out of the hospital and during my recovery period, I called the state office of transportation to request permission to put up a roadside memorial. I was told, "If we let people do that, then the roads would be lined with crosses."

My response is: "That's the point." Perhaps if drivers were constantly reminded how many people are killed every day on our roads, then perhaps they might think twice before driving fast or recklessly and using their vehicle as a weapon.

We see memorials at sites of national tragedies. But we should not overlook that one national tragedy that continues to occur every day is right in our own neighborhoods, on our roads.

Brenda Fraser

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