Letters to the Editor

How the Best Was Won

Snow job: I always look forward to your annual Best of Denver issue, but the "Denver, Why I Love Her" essays made this year's really special. I love Denver because it can snow three feet one day, and that snow will be gone three days later. I love the contradictions.

As your Best New Slogan for Denver says, "Denver: We Love It! Most of the Time!"

J.C. Perkins

Altitude with attitude: In Denver, our burgers are made with buffalo, and our beer is made with love. We brew more beer than any other city. In our rarefied air, the sky really is bluer. The sun feels warmer because we're closer to it, but our coffee is cooler because water boils at 202 degrees. At this altitude, a golf ball goes 10 percent farther. So does a cocktail. We're the only city where our parks are vandalized by beavers (who are eating up the landscaping trees along the South Platte) and our park lawns are mowed by goats. Our airport is bigger than Boston. Denver's been burned to the ground, flooded, hit by earthquakes and tornadoes, bypassed by railroads and lost four Super Bowls, but we always bounce back. Our heroes? Molly Brown, who proved "unsinkable," and comeback king John Elway. The fourth quarter belongs to Denver.

Rich Grant
Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau

For the birds: I remember being so excited to read the Best of Denver to find new restaurants, bands, places to visit, cheap fun, etc. Now it has become a ridiculous waste of paper, and my time. Too much useless information.

I skimmed through this year's Best Of hoping it was better than the year before. I was surprised not to find categories like Best Socks Worn By an Ex-Porn Star Who Visited Denver in 1972 or Best Floor Tile in a LoDo Bar to Puke On. If the person/s researching and writing for these issues are tired of actually doing it, get new writers. Or have the existing writers promise to stop going out and getting wasted while coming up with these categories and ratings. It has become tiresome high school drivel and too heavy with nonsense to carry around.

Best Use for the Best of Denver Before I Read It: lining my bird cage.

Best Reason Not to Print This Letter in the Next Westword: Too many people agree with me, and it's the painful truth. Please surprise me next year and make it worth my while!

Denise LaNay

Weather or not: I was thrilled to see KDVR's Bob Goosmann win Best TV Weathercaster. His honest, enthusiastic and informative style is like a breath of fresh air. I am glad that I am not the only one who is annoyed by the other affected, pompous, blowhard weathercasters who think they can accurately predict tomorrow's high temp to the exact degree. Now, if we could just get him off of Fox and have him replace one of the phonies on channels 4, 7 or 9....

Roger Evans
via the Internet

Drew, pardner! Hey! What's up with leaving Drew Soicher out of the drawing of your Best Morning News Team? In this viewer's eyes, the "team" consists of Kathy (Sabine), Kyle (Dyer), Gary (Shapiro), DREW and Gregg (Moss).

Drew is the only Denver sportscaster who presents professional sports in the manner that reflects what it really is: entertainment. How important is that? Especially on a TV station where sports reporting is in overkill, overdrive. (No locker-room funeral voices during Drew's reports! Leave that caca to Zarrella!)

Drew is good at what he does, and the formats he's developed for material delivery are the most innovative of any on the local networks. Without Drew, you've got no morning team! How about giving Drew the kudos he's earned and reissue a new character drawing with the whole team?

Judy Strasbaugh

Editor's note: Best of Denver winners, beware! We've heard of numerous businesses trying to sell you signs, banners and other Best Of-inspired paraphernalia. Please note that you will be getting a plaque -- a free plaque -- from Westword commemorating your win; no other offer is connected with this newspaper. In any way.

Go, Go Gophers

Law and order, SUV: Regarding Julie Dunn's "A Gopher in Your Pocket?" in the March 20 issue:

Here we go again. Some animal nobody ever heard of is going to stand in the way of progress. In this case, the pocket gopher could halt construction along I-25. It seems to me that the only redeeming quality of this poor little wannabe rat is the ability to move and mix a lot of dirt, "creating patches for plants to grow." Well, so what? Home Depot does more than that. Without Home Depot, we wouldn't have Lowe's, let alone Wal-Mart and all the peripheral stores that go with all the massive parking lots.

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