Letters to the Editor

You Can Fool Some of the People...

Censor and sensibility: I just finished reading John Reidy's "Silencing Radio 1190" in the April 1 issue, and I am pissed!

Quoting CU's Betsy Hoffman: "To keep the barbarian madness of our football team from spreading to the lily-white student body who lap up the rap tunes like dogs on a dirty diaper, we've decided it best to pull the plug on the show." Are you fucking kidding me? How retarded do these people think their student body is? A student is going to hear a rap lyric and turn into a rapist? The influence of a rap lyric is so strong that the students won't be able to control themselves and will run rampant against one another? How about the "barbarian madness" of the ridiculous PC axing of a radio show in the name of protecting our poor, helpless impressionable young college students from the irresistible influences of a rap singer?

Is the goal here to attempt to rid the world of all things that could possibly corrupt defenseless young minds, to prevent them from possibly doing something bad in the future? What will people like this think if they accomplish their goal and nothing but their wholesome music hits the airwaves across the dial; only Promise Keepers-approved material ever makes print; TV only contains material suitable for Nickelodeon or ABC Family Channel, and BAD THINGS STILL HAPPEN? What will they do then? Force all people into insulated, harm-proof cells that have no chance of letting in any evil influences and never letting them out for fear of them possibly doing something bad?

This is America, "The Land of the Free" -- not "The Land of the Insulated and Censored." Have these people ever seen the results of a Catholic upbringing?

In a political advertisement a few pages before this article, a suggested option is "Move to Canada." You're goddamned right I will!

Neil Warren
via the Internet

No static at all: Okay, this is insane! This is the federal government using the FCC to ban programming and destroying freedom of speech. This is like the feds banning sports supplements because a few jackasses who were using them against printed instructions died. We are losing our American freedoms, and what is scary is that it is happening at the university level. When will it stop? Who is protecting our rights and the rights of our children? What happened to freedom and education through exposure?

CU president Betsy Hoffman must go. There is no other choice! Rather than stand by her guns, support her football team, coach and students, she cowers to the feminist groups, media and ignorant.

Now, please, how is shutting down an AM student radio station going to change college football recruiting practices that happen at almost all Division 1 universities? Are people that ignorant to think that CU president Betsy Hoffman's decision to regulate a college radio station will make more CU football prospects want to play for Colorado? What a moron!

CU alumni, Colorado residents and all with a sane mind, please ask for president Betsy Hoffman's resignation. Institute a president who is working for her school, not against it. And, please, let college radio and free thought happen.

Brent Logero

Our bad: "Silencing Radio 1190"? What the hell is this all about? According to Radio 1190, it is nothing but a joke. If it is, you need to make that a little more clear. You scared me!

Max Asher

Radio daze: I'm a DJ at 1190. Thanks to your little article, the phone in the DJ booth was flooded with angry calls last Friday morning. Brilliantly done -- apparently someone at the station got a call from a Rocky Mountain News reporter asking to do an interview...

Samuel Schatz

Big Shaq attack: What a fantastic bit of witty references spelling out the ludicrous reality of Radio 1190's future. Where did this writer come from? The Shaq attack is in Colorado now in the form of the Great White Horse -- er, Bronco! What will his opening film song be? Twisted Sister's "We're Not Going to Take It"? If only the underground indie-rock fans of 1190 had a multibillion-dollar local celeb, then the true innovators and culturalists of the Front Range might have a 680,000-watt station to pump up the AM revolution.

Great piece. Even greater radio station! One has to hear the poetry of Death Cab for Cutie's classic song about a deadbeat dad, "Styrofoam Plates." Or if the real bastards at CU have their way, no, we won't. Oh, the irony!

Phil Lombardo

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