Letters to the Editor

Leader of the Pack

Soar losers: Regarding "The War Within," Julie Jargon's first story on the Air Force Academy:

I was watching 7 News last night when they announced that they had received the Peabody Award for investigative reporting on the Air Force Academy scandal. Well, I remember when I first read about this scandal -- and that it was in Westword, before any TV report. I was waiting in a Chinese restaurant for my to-go order and picked up Westword. On the cover was a picture of a female Air Force cadet who discussed how she'd been raped, and the lack of support from her superiors to investigate this or support her. I was absolutely shocked to hear of such incidents occurring; I had no idea. But Westword picked up on it, and it was more than a week later that the news broke on Channel 7.

I would like to commend your staff on investigating this and having the courage to report on it and other stories of equal importance. That is what I like about Westword: integrity, honesty and courage in reporting.

Kim Leonard
via the Internet

Editor's note: For the final installment in the Air Force Academy series, see Julie Jargon's "It Won't Fly," on page 29.


Chairman of the board: Regarding Jared Jacang Maher's "Pipe Dreams," in the May 13 issue:

Bro, excellent article, but did ya have to use the word "sissy"?! C'mon, dude...

Joe F. Flores

Conservative Estimates

The right stuff: Regarding Michael Roberts's "New Deal," in the May 13 issue:

I'm not sure which is the less reliable gauge of the Denver Post's new "conservative" columnist's political proclivities: his own web resumé or Westword's Chomskyite media critic. Time will tell for David Harsanyi, who Roberts says is unlike the usual troglodyte hacks who write from the right, "well-written...erudite (even!)." Roberts's far-left perch in the local-media-critic chicken coop makes it a little tough to take him at anything but left-face value.

Still, the Post has never had a conservative voice, while Denver's "conservative" daily is too paralyzed by post-JOA PSAS (pink-slip-avoidance syndrome) to offer a conservative column. Meanwhile, Denver's entertainment weekly gave its last conservative the boot some twenty years ago 'cause, as we all know, only libs enjoy the theater, fine dining and professional services of ALL ASIAN GIRLS!! on South Federal.

Mayhaps the Post's "new" editor has been reading JOA marketing stats and has discovered that more than 50 percent of Coloradans call themselves "conservative." That's a heckuva lot of your advertisers' customers to ignore, vilify and piss off every day. Judging from the short ideological leash on which Greg Moore heels the Post, I won't hold my breath waiting for the new "conservative" columnist-to-be. We'll see whether he's allowed to bay at the moon as advertised, or whether he's to be swatted on the nose with a rolled copy of the Sunday New York Times any time he lifts his leg too far to starboard.

JM Schell

Flop sweat: I have never written to complain about what Michael Roberts writes about me or the Denver Post. But I am compelled to respond to his May 13 column, which included slanderous comments about Post columnist Cindy Rodriguez. Characterizing her as a "flop" as a metro columnist is false and a deliberate disregard of the facts. Cindy is a wonderful addition to our paper and offers a unique perspective as a columnist. Mr. Roberts may not have appreciated all of her offerings, but her move to features was strictly her decision. It was not done so I could avoid the embarrassment of admitting she was a flop, to paraphrase Mr. Roberts.

I explained to Mr. Roberts that I approached Cindy about moving her column to features because I was concerned about trying to feature four columnists in the metro section, each writing two to three times a week. I approached her because I knew she had written lifestyle columns before, but I left the decision entirely up to her. The move had nothing to do with the quality of her work or her selection of column topics, and he knows that. Mr. Roberts is entitled to his opinions. But he should stick to the facts and not malign the reputation of Ms. Rodriguez while purposely twisting them.

Gregory L. Moore, editor
The Denver Post

Giving edit where edit's due: I'd like to correct the misimpression that Julia Martinez's promotion to editorial writer was in any way related to the incident with Betsy Hoffman. Angela Cortez resigned in January, creating a vacancy on the editorial board. Following the contract with the Denver Newspaper Guild, we posted the job so internal applicants could express their interest. We received six such applicants, including Julia, whose application was dated January 23. The story on Hoffman appeared February 3, and the clarification ran February 4. Editorial writer is classed in step 16 in the union contract, as opposed to step 14 for reporter, and also carries a pay increase. It takes no special motivation for a talented writer like Julia to seek such a promotion. Greg Moore's respect for Julia is shown by the fact that, after we selected her in early March, he specifically requested that she be allowed to cover the last two months of the legislative session before coming over to our side. She finally joined us May 10, after the session adjourned. She is an extraordinarily able journalist, and we are delighted to have her.

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