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Also, he failed to mention that this park's street course is in fine condition. I have bladed in the street course and have never had any problems. Lastly, I know his article may have focused on the construction, but the "regs" (regular riders) and staff there are really friendly. If you have eaten teeth more then once (if at all) at "The Cage," then by all means you can say it's crappy -- but don't say nothing until you've surfed the bowl and eaten teeth.

Chelsea Barrett

To Be Perfectly Clear...

The Bright stuff: Thanks for finally giving KTCL a break in Dave Herrera's November 4 Beatdown. I still can't quite decide if they are truly just amazing for turning music control back over to the listeners, or if they're the epitome of evil for making me love something I should hate. But they do put up with me when I tell them that I hate Chevelle.

So thanks for throwing KTCL a bone. They are the station I can rely on for the five o'clock free ride (an hour-long, commercial-free segment) to help make traffic navigation a little bit better. Occasionally, I can even hear them navigating the choppy waters of live radio with the garage sessions. It's always amusing to have bands like Social D show up in the garage, give the DJs a hard time and then rock the doors off.

I also want to thank Herrera for calling on KTCL to push more of the amazing live music going on in Denver right now. I've harassed Rubin about the Hot IQs before. I think Matson Jones deserves air spin, as well as its CD to spread like wildfire. And really, how much farther is the climb from the latest Sum 41 album to the great grrrr-girl rock of Hemi Cuda? You can either climb to a false peak of a fourteener or you can hike on to the stunning vistas at the top. Hemi Cuda is simply a better version of the same rock. Of course, the Hemis are better in so many ways: Their songs are better, their tattoos are better, and nobody rocks guitars and thigh-high boots like the Hemi Cuda ladies. All these bands and so many more on the Denver scene deserve airplay on KTCL.

But Herrera's list of bands also shocked me. After all, Westword was the reason I decided to catch Bright Channel. And it's clear that Bright Channel is exactly what KTCL should be playing -- simply amazing music. And in this murky, post-election day, if KTCL must be Clear, shouldn't it be Bright, as well?

Becca Kreidler
via the Internet

Clear as mud: I want to address directly Carl Nimbus's comments regarding the airplay practices of Clear Channel stations, as reported in Michael Roberts's Message in the November 4 issue, and clear up some common misperceptions, as you may not be aware of the following facts:

Clear Channel Radio stations have steadily increased the number of unique artists and songs played in approximately fifty formats nationwide. Between 1998 and 2002, Clear Channel Radio stations increased the number of unique songs played by 15,315 and the number of unique artists by 3,093. Clear Channel stations in seventy markets devote airtime specifically to showcase new talent, and some stations devote their entire format to local artists. And the Clear Channel New Music Network assists artists in getting exposure to producers, agents and record labels -- currently, more than 20,000 bands are represented, and the network's website ( streams eight channels of music.

Clear Channel does not issue mandates with regard to individual artists, songs or playlists. Clear Channel Radio stations are managed and programmed locally based on extensive audience research. Radio is a local business and Clear Channel stations are managed and programmed locally based on extensive audience research. It's why we employ 900 local program directors.

Lisa Dollinger
Senior VP of Corporate Communications for Clear Channel Communications

New York, New York

Making Tracks

Taken for a ride: Great job on the FasTracks pros and cons in the October 21 "Alternative Voter's Guide." The election outcome, however, has left me with several burning questions that might be addressed through Westword.

Will Governor Owens's appalling inability to bend Colorado voters to his will on congressional and state legislature seats, as well as referendum questions, have any effect on a possible nod from the White House for a cabinet seat in the second Bush term? If so, will he be as invisible as Gale Norton?

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