Letters to the Editor

All the Snooze That's Fit to Print

Zzzzzzz whiz: Rob Simon's "Confessions of a Snorer," in the June 23 issue, was a great article. Where does his wife get the earplugs? I could use some!

Flavia Florezell

Nap quest: Why doesn't Rob Simon's wife just sleep in another room when his snoring is too much?

My husband thinks that if I love him, I should accept him in all his glory, rip-roaring snoring included. After a year of my not sleeping and becoming progressively less pleasant (although he was trying to control it with nose strips), I realized I needed a place to go to get some sleep. Now I love having a private room and a shared one.

You can publish my letter, but without my name. (My husband isn't comfortable having others know he snores.) Thanks for your article. It was important to all of us who live with it.

Name withheld on request

Keep your chin up: Excellent overview of snoring. One thing you underplayed: the value of a dental mouthpiece. You didn't mention that you do not have to pay hundreds of dollars to a dentist -- you can buy cheap (sub-$75) soft plastic devices that mold to your jaw. For many people, these really work. We list several manufacturers on our "Put an End to Snoring" website,

Dennis Freeman
Roswell, Georgia

To Be Honest...

Sneak attack: Regarding Alan Prendergast's "Welcome to America," in the June 23 issue:

If Moises Carranza-Reyes was looking for honest work, why didn't he go about looking for it in an honest way? Why did he feel the need to violate American law by sneaking into this country without permission? A former police officer should have known better.

It's hard to tell if this article was about problems with for-profit prison systems or if it was to further encourage the victimization and glorification of criminal immigrants in this country. While I agree that when you have a system that rewards private companies for producing new criminals where none may have existed before, simply for profit, it is very dangerous. I would warn you not to ignore the very real consequences of promoting illegal immigration.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in mid-2004 about 100,000 non-citizens were locked up in federal and state prisons. These aren't simply "honest folks lookin' for some honest work," but real criminals -- some murderers, but most connected with violent drug gangs. When many of them work for cash while here illegally, they do not report income. So not only are they contributing nothing back into the system with tax money, but they often are collecting some form of welfare on top of the public services, such as school and health care, that they are abusing for free.

So my question would be why didn't Moises Carranza-Reyes stay in Mexico and work for an honest living? Why has that seemingly important question barely been touched on?

Michael Jordan

Getting a leg up: "Welcome to America" brought tears to my eyes. While Mexicans are exploited and persecuted in the U.S., here's how I was treated in Mexico when I arrived in December 1984 with $150 to last until spring: I first went to the bottom of Copper Canyon, where Esteban, a Tarahumara Indian who tended an orange grove there, would visit my camp every day to help me with Spanish for a couple of hours. When I arrived in Puerto Vallarta, an engineer helped me order food and then checked me into a cheap hotel. I took the boat to fabulous Yelapa, where the hotel owner let me live free in a unit that had no water. Piri, then the mayor, let me entertain tourists with my tightrope show over the waterfall at his restaurant, where he fed me daily. He also taught me the local healing plants. A local blind woman, known as a seer, told me I'd find everything I needed there, and she was right. As the poorest gringo in town, I had a home, work, a lovely girlfriend and lots of friends. I returned the next year, and was honored to play Jesus during Holy Week.

Moises deserves a lung transplant from thug/sheriff Wegener, and a leg transplant when that's perfected. Here's hoping Colorado becomes part of Mexico again. Soon.

P.S: Mexico is not only part of America, but all of it this side of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec is part of North America.

Evan Ravitz

Putting his foot down: I am sorry for Mr. Carranza-Reyes's loss of part of his leg. But if he had not come over the border and stayed in Mexico, none of this would have happened. It's amazing that because of his illegal activity, he has cost the taxpayers almost $700,000.

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