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I also do not understand why he is still living illegally in our city. Shouldn't he be deported back to Mexico? And how can he get a job here without a social security card? And without a job, how is he paying all these lawyers to defend him for his illegal entry into this country?

I am astounded by the last sentence in Alan Prendergast's article: "He will do any work he can, he says, as long as it is honest." Wait a minute. Mr. Carranza-Reyes is not honest. He committed an illegal act by entering this country, and an employer cannot hire illegal immigrants. Maybe he should go back to Mexico and get a job there.

Mike Edmonds

Et tu: Thank you for "Welcome to America"! The immigrant bashers just don't get it.

What happened to a Mexican national in one of Colorado's jails could happen to any of us. All it takes is a case of mistaken identity or a traffic ticket that you spaced out, and you too could be in the slammer. Wise up, guys.

Jack G. Mudry

Big Flack Attack

Whine tasting: I either missed or didn't get the point Michael Roberts was making in "PR 101," his June 23 Message about Ray Gomez and Elizabeth Mattern Clark. He took so long to get to the meat of the story, perhaps that's understandable.

I don't know if Gomez is good at what he does or not. Same with Elizabeth Mattern Clark. But it's another ridiculous case of thin-skinned media members overreacting, when they dish out far worse every day and expect those on the other side to accept it. Gomez did something stupid, but it wasn't saying what he thought of a reporter. Is he not entitled to his opinion? Does Roberts never write catty e-mails? And never in the piece did he address the issue: Well, is Gomez right? Is Elizabeth Mattern Clark not the sharpest knife in the drawer?

His stupid act, of course, was hitting the wrong button or typing in the wrong address in a brainlock and sending his assessment to her. Maybe a highly paid PR person should be immune to such brainlock. But it happens. So what? Come on, we've all at least come close to doing that, or we imagine it happening to us. Can't she take it? And the Camera's reaction is childish, petty and laughable. So is the rest of the media's falling into line on this as some sort of fiasco. A PR guy belittled a reporter. It's no different than being overheard. So what?

Maybe in Roberts's next piece he can explore some of these issues instead of going along with the whining media pack.

Eric D. Danielson
Highlands Ranch

PR 411: I read with interest Michael Roberts's column on one of our alumni, Ray Gomez. First, I would like to clarify that William Kostka & Associates is not defunct, but actively serving our clients as Kostka Gleason Communications, to which we changed our name eight years ago when Cynthia Gleason became president and CEO. We would appreciate it if you would set the record straight with your readers.

I remember hiring Ray nearly thirty years ago because he showed great potential. When he moved on, I was very pleased to hear reports from time to time about his progress. He is an outstanding professional and I have followed him with great interest since he returned to Colorado and the University of Colorado. Ray represents a long line of alumni from our firm -- including Dana Crawford, the late Bruce Rockwell, Bill Saul, Ned High, Brian Thomas, Mark Severts and many others -- who have gone on to establish excellent reputations for themselves in business.

Our firm celebrated its 56th anniversary in April and the integrity of these people and many others over our many years contributed greatly to our success.

Bill Kostka
Kostka Gleason Communications

Prepare to Meat Your Maker

A healthy disagreement: Regarding Jason Sheehan's "Changing Course," in the June 23 issue:

What is it with Westword's anti-vegetarian bent? I tried to hold my tongue when the Best of Denver 2005 voted a restaurant in Boulder (Sunflower) -- which serves venison, among other items -- as Best Vegetarian Restaurant. That's the same as voting a Chinese restaurant as Best German Restaurant. And Jason Sheehan's review of WaterCourse was both insulting and elitist.

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