Letters to the Editor

This Boy's Life

No holds barred: Jessica Centers, I just wanted to let you know that I'm glad you wrote your story on the Eric Reynolds situation ("Colorado Prison Blues," August 10). Life is hard enough, and given all the obstacles Eric has had in his short life, my heart breaks for him. I hope things work out for him with getting out.

I've never done anything like responding to something like this, even with a simple letter, but I wanted to share my empathy for him. Keep up the great work.

Joel Milner

Up and Adam

Loud and proud: Regarding Adam Cayton-Holland's What's So Funny? in the August 3 issue:

I used to listen to the young couple stumble in late, kick off their boots, screw like virgins (loud, fast, short, on a comically squeaky bed), and then the guy would stumble a few steps and pee ferociously into the toilet. No flush. Maybe they were water-conscious. I couldn't sleep with the porn reel in my head; they were very cute. That's making the best of apartment disturbances.

Congratulations to Adam on his new house. Apartment living does suck, and some of us will be renting unless we win Lotto.

I'm in my mid-forties and fighting off being the crusty old complainer. If my upstairs neighbor comes in late and turns on his stereo, fine. If he comes in late on Tuesday with four drunk friends and blasts the stereo and doesn't invite me, he'll hear about it. The problem is that in most apartments, people don't know their neighbors, especially upstairs or downstairs, and subsequently there's no patience or kindness. We're all in our own little world, and everyone else is in our way.

If Adam had been masturbating extra loud upstairs from me, I would have knocked on the door and asked if he needed help. (Are you going to finish that, or may I?)

Steve Cruz

Pun on the run: The only thing dumber than Dick Lamm thinking he could speak the truth about cultural differences is Adam Cayton-Holland comparing civilized debate to KKK cross-burnings (What's So Funny, August 10). Adam, you're a failure as a comedian. You're funnier as a political commentator. Please get the hell out of Westword and go to work for some Republican's re-election campaign. The damage you'd do to the GOP would be a far, far better thing than what you are doing to Westword.

David Hakala

Quit monkeying around: Adam, you are fucking hilarious. Bill Owens is just the perfect governor we need for a state with one of its airports and areas named after a KKK member. Owens is a champ, really. The champ of chumps acting like a chimp, stumped when the general consensus is he stanks!

Mane Rok

Scratch and sniff: Adam Cayton-Holland's July 20 What's So Funny? was another great blast from the past. The Boulder Round the Corner, conveniently located next to Crossroads Mall, had a sign on the door forbidding entry to anyone under sixteen not accompanied by an adult. A friend of my parents took me there once, and I about swooned. It was the swankest place I'd ever been, and it gave me a lifelong predilection for dark indoor places with interesting smells.

Talk about your single-trial learning!

Diane Greene
Phoenix, Arizona

Reality TV Bites

Blocked and loaded: "It's the Real Thing," in the July 27 Off Limits, was a great story. I stopped watching The Real World after the fourth season, but still love it for the decadence. The pains the producers take to sugarcoat "reality TV" are astounding, and I applaud Matt Lawrence's simple gesture. And besides, who doesn't want to walk through LoDo loaded some nights?

I neither skate nor play air guitar.

Ericka Waterstreet

Editor's note: For a report on Matt Lawrence's court date, see this issue's Off Limits.

The Angle of the Dangle

Snatch judgment: At one time I would have taken issue with Becky Due regarding the use of derogatory words against women ("Bitch, Bitch, Bitch," July 27). She indicated that many dictionaries have derogatory words against women but no derogatory words against men; I would have countered by listing the numerous slang terms for male genitalia and referred her to the hit movie Austin Powers in Goldmember, which made frequent use of them. However, I now realize that the issue has nothing to do with the relative number of slang terms for male and female genitalia (as there are many, many more crude terms for male than female genitalia), and everything to do with the power of language to control behavior.

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