Logan McClelland: Bradley Blehm identified as Big O Tires employee allegedly shot by teen

Update below: Eighteen-year-old Logan McClelland has been charged with murder related to a shooting at a Big O Tire store in Monument -- the second high-profile slaying in the community of late, following revelations about Monique Lynch, who allegedly brutalized Genesis Sims, nine, and then possibly buried her alive. The slain Big O employee slain has now been identified as Bradley Blehm, fifty. Look below for a larger photo of McClelland, seen here, as well as the latest release from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.


On August 9, 2010, a shooting occurred at the Big O Tire Store located in Monument. Earlier this morning, the El Paso County Coroner's Office conducted an autopsy of the victim. The victim has been identified as 50 year old, Bradley Blehm. The preliminary autopsy report indicates the manner of death to be homicide and cause of death was multiple gun shot wounds. This is the second homicide investigation in the town of Monument this year.

The suspect, Logan McClelland, is being held in the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center, facing charges of First Degree Murder.

Any additional details regarding this case will be released as they become available.

Update, August 12: An affidavit sheds additional light on the case. Get more information in this post: "Logan McClelland: Did He Have to Shoot Big O Worker Bradley Blehm During Parking Lot Spat?"

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