Look at your car!! Bro narrates twenty-plus car crash cluster in Colorado Springs

You may have seen it already, but if not, it's worth a few minutes. On December 30, a man in Colorado Springs narrates an outrageous situation in Colorado Springs in which nearly every vehicle that tried to make it up the street ends up sliding back down and smashing into the prone cars below.

It's not funny. Well, not if you were part of it, but for the 400,000 people who have watched the eight-minute YouTube video, there were bound to be some laughs involved -- mainly because of the narration.

Our favorite part comes at minute 2:35:

"That shit sucked. This sucks, dude. Look at your car. Is this your car? Look at your car! Oh, my God. Your trunk! Oh, my God, here comes some more. They need to stop people up on top."

It may not be Double Rainbow, but it'll do.

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