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Luke Irvin Chrisco, porta-potty perv: Videos of him hitting on girls, giving thigh massages

Luke Irvin Chrisco, busted for peeping at women from inside a porta-potty tank -- an act he sees as being worshipful of nature's goddesses -- has certainly left his mark on the Internet. He's posted loads of videos under his pseudonym, Skye Oryan, including clips of thigh massages and more that are ultra-creepy in retrospect; see samples below. And that's not all -- not by a long shot.

Before Chrisco was Skye Oryan, he was Omni Rainbow, as I learned from a mutual acquaintance, who writes:

When I was first introduced to Luke -- or, as most of my friends and I know him, Crazy Luke -- he went by the nom de guerre "Omni" (which happened to be the model of light-blue, 1980s Chrysler hatchback he drove/lived in at the time). As far as I know, he was not a peeper back then, but he was already "very eccentric," as his brother Thomas puts it. Once, for no apparent reason, Crazy Luke got very upset after he had stolen a cart he had filled with meat and seafood at the grocery store, then brought over to a barbecue at my friends' house. He grabbed a plate, some silverware, and paper napkins from the kitchen, took a steak off the grill, then sat down in the middle of the street, where he ate his ill-gotten protein -- until the cops came by and arrested him (not for theft, but for eating impeding traffic or something).

Chrisco's Omini period is preserved online at the Center of Omniverse website, which he introduces in the following passage:

Revel in my existential anguish.

Share in the stipends of my manic jazz rotund.

People, people, people, I am so glad to see you at this time of the present. Don't worry be happy that's what i always tell myself. And it works, that is, until i notice the catfood and potatoe chips have been mashed into the carpet never to be returned to thier natural tasty states ever again.

Included on the site is a personal manifesto that includes this passage:

Stop living like a hampster. Stop living like an ape and stop living in some of the stupidest ways a human being can live. This society is fucking stupid. We destroy ourselves and bullshit and lie and decieve and stomp all over eachoither and we cant break the rules and nobody know what the rules are. You destroying your kids lives. your childrens souls are dying. Basically theyre becoming like you like you became like your parents. Damn doesnt that make you sound stupid. Well we are stupid. Im stupid too. and im stupid to write this in this way and send it to strangers. Who gives a fuck.

More recently, of course, Chrisco has taken to calling himself Skye Oryan, and his personal website, Skyeoryan.com, is devoted to his music -- not especially tuneful acoustic strums with titles like "Fucked Up Kid," "Adventurous as Hell" and "Tell Me I'm Your Fool." His YouTube channel features some music, too -- but more notable, given his current infamy, are videos in which he's overtly putting the moves on women -- like the following, in which he says girls are drawn to him because they know that at any moment, they could either pounce on each other or act like archenemies:

There's also this one, in which Skye repeatedly runs his camera up and down a woman's body...

...plus a whole series of massage videos, including footage of Skye's thigh-rubbing technique:

Oh my God! Don't you know where those hands have been?

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