Survey Asks Colorado Republicans About Trump, Gets Insane Responses

Survey Asks Colorado Republicans About Trump, Gets Insane Responses
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A new survey of Colorado Republicans finds that support for President Donald Trump is as strong as ever among members of his own party — and the responses gathered by the poll leave little doubt as to why.

“He is keeping the Middle-Eastern people from coming into the country,” said one respondent.

“He has faught [sic] illegal immigration,” said another. “Stood up for white people and the disappearing middle class in this country.”

“He tries to keep all of the promises he made,” said another. “We need a wall on the Southern border to keep the damn killers and dope dealers and shit out of our country.”

They go on and on like that — 171 pages of seething, frequently racist, grammatically avant-garde comments from self-identified Colorado Republicans, released on Thursday, February 14, as part of a poll conducted by Louisville-based Magellan Strategies. In all, 622 Colorado GOP voters were surveyed in the poll, which in addition to traditional survey questions asked respondents to give open-ended responses to four prompts from pollsters.

The overwhelming consensus among respondents: Trump is doing a tremendous job. His job approval among Republicans stands at 90 percent, with 72 percent reporting they “strongly” approve. Eighty-eight percent support Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, and 81 percent defended his decision to shut down the government over a lack of funding for the wall, the poll found.

But it was in the short-answer portion of the test that conservative Coloradans were really allowed to shine.

The top issue facing Colorado? "I would say the widespread use of drugs and vaping."

The best thing about Trump? "He's bringing jobs back and he's standing up to the Deep State."

The path to victory for the GOP in 2020? "Stop voter fraud."

Immigration was by far the top issue among survey respondents, with 44 percent saying it should be the highest priority of Governor Jared Polis and the state legislature, compared to just 11 percent for the second-ranked issue, government spending. And the verbatim responses released by Magellan show the Republican obsession with undocumented immigrants — whose population in the U.S. is at a twelve-year low — frequently veering into outright racism and white nationalism.

Amid hundreds of responses that toe the line with sketchy rhetoric about "illegal aliens," threatening "caravans," an "immigration invasion," "globalist ideals" and praise for Trump's "nationalist agenda," there are more than a few that aren't shy about their racist views at all.

“They should be outright about this, stand up for white people," said one respondent, who identified himself as a male between the ages of 35 and 44 living in Colorado's 1st Congressional District. "Also, Hispanic, Blacks, and Asians will never vote Republican, you cannot have an outreach program to these people.”

“We have too many Hispanics that are illegals and they are causing a lot of issues in my community," said a woman between the ages of 18 and 34 in the 2nd Congressional District.

“I feel there is too much discrimination in this country, but it is not the minority, it is basically the white male,” said another respondent. “There is such content [sic] for the white male, that it is affecting the white male children, and I think that is disgusting.”

Of course, not every Republican surveyed was a Trump fan. Buried deep in the list of responses released on Thursday, one GOP voter had harsh words for his party's beloved leader.

"Trump is inciting white nationalism, he is inciting violence against minorities and immigrants," said the lonely Republican, one of just 6 percent of respondents who said he strongly disapproved of the president. "The job he is doing in office is mind numbingly horrible."
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