Marcus Duran shooting: Still no decision on charges in possible "Make My Day" case

On May 25, we told you about the shooting of Marcus Duran, seventeen, allegedly by a homeowner while Duran and two others tried to break into his 3150 Gaylord Street residence.

Justifiable homicide by way of Colorado's "Make My Day" law? The Denver DA still hasn't come to a conclusion, and it could be a while before he does.

On May 26, Denver DA spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough informed the press that a decision about charges wouldn't be made until the following week at the earliest. Now we're starting the week after that, which may lead some observers to conclude that DA Mitch Morrissey is wrestling with what could be a politically incendiary decision.

But Kimbrough warns against equating the delay with a possible accusation against the homeowner. "We had a holiday weekend with a furlough day, and he was in trial for a few days," she notes. "So there were just some extra delays built in. But I know he's started reviewing the material."

As such, she believes it's likely that Morrissey with reach his determination sometime this week. That's not set in stone, though, leaving Duran's family members, who have complained to the press about the shooting, as well as the homeowner, to wait to find out what direction the wind will blow.

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