Marijuana at the end of the St. Paddy's Day rainbow: Arapahoe County to return two pounds of pot seized from caregiver last year

Today should turn out to be a very good St. Paddy's Day for Colin Olmstead, since he'll be getting a whole lot of green from the Arapahoe County DA's office -- and by green, we mean two pounds of pot.

Olmstead had the marijuana confiscated in Arapahoe County over a year ago during a routine traffic stop. His lawyer, Rob Corry, says he was in the process of delivering the pot to a dispensary called Cherry Creek Health, but didn't say anything about that to the officers at the time out of respect for his patients' confidentiality.

Soon after, however, Corry says Olmstead told the authorities the contraband was medical marijuana and produced paperwork showing enough patients who had previously designated him their caregiver to justify the amount of weed he had in his car. While it apparently took them a while to make a decision, it was enough for the DA's office to drop the case and return the cannabis.

"I think it's a record for quantity of marijuana returned in Arapahoe County, which is generally regarded as one of the stricter judicial districts," says Corry.

The marijuana hand-off is planned for 2 p.m. today at the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, 13101 East Broncos Parkway in Centennial (Olmstead's supporters are encouraged to wear green). Corry says they've been told the high-grade pot was shrink-wrapped soon after it was confiscated, so they're hoping it's still usable.

If it is, the plan is to distribute it to indigent patients -- so lots of folks can enjoy the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.

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