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Marijuana in twelve-pound Delaware bust worth $18K? Or double that?

Moving from one location to another can be stressful and often means prioritizing what to bring with you and what to leave behind. According to Delaware police, Andre Dismuke didn't want to leave behind the amazing cannabis we have in Colorado just because he was moving to the First State -- so he shipped out twelve pounds of herb.

According to the Huffington Post, 36-year-old Dismuke shipped the marijuana to his real estate agent in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in advance of his move from Colorado. An employee at the real estate agency opened the package and called police, who waited for Dismuke and his wife to show up and promptly arrested them.

Rehoboth's WGMD radio revealed that the couple's children and dogs were in the car during the arrest. They also reported that the street value of the marijuana -- according to local police -- was only $18,000.

That's $1,500 per pound, or $112 an ounce. In Delaware! Yeah right.

As any of the thousands of transplants over the last few years can tell you: Marijuana on the East Coast is worth a lot more than that, and definitely worth more than it sells for out here in Colorado.

Earlier this month, a California man was accused of shipping 250 pounds of marijuana to Delaware's neighboring state, New Jersey, where local police valued the haul at $1 million. That's a much more reasonable $4,000 per pound.

In Florida earlier this year, police pulled down 1,356 plants weighing 1,100 pounds. Police estimated their bust was worth about $4.5 million -- or around $4,090 per pound. (It's worth noting that law enforcement tend not to differentiate between living and dried marijuana plants. Having roots and soil weighed to add to prosecution isn't unheard of, either).

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Even our local law enforcement has valued our cannabis higher. Last year, the Douglas County Sheriff valued 3,000 live marijuana plants at $9 million. Assuming the wet weight is somewhere similar to the plants in Miami, the Colorado bust breaks down to at least $4,000 per pound.

But hey, Rehoboth Police Department, I'm sure your numbers are spot-on. As such, you can easily see that Dismuke wasn't shipping the cannabis to Delaware to make a profit; that twelve pounds-worth was for personal use.

Dismuke's wife was not charged. Dismuke faces drug charges and was released after someone posted a $10,500 bond.

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