Marijuana: Introducing Canna-Rave, "the first ever all-cannabis rave"

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Coming this weekend: A rave featuring heavy bass, lasers, strobes and...marijuana?

Yes, you read that right -- not ecstasy or another club drug, but good, old-fashioned marijuana.

Pot isn't usually associated with raves, but after this weekend, some rave-goers may think otherwise. That's because on Saturday, Hashman Events is hosting "Canna Rave!, described as "The first ever all-cannabis rave."

The pot-themed event, scheduled from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. at Fanbass Studios, 3050 East 43rd Street in Denver, is trying to capitalize on rave culture that is, well, all the rave right now. But instead of a bunch of sixteen-year-olds in their underwear running around trying to find "Molly," there will be a group of 21-and-over stoners (unless you're younger and have a red card) burning green and munching down while listening to dance music.

Hashman Events owner AJ Hashman holds a monthly "meet and greet" for medical patients to get together and smoke every month, and he wants to expand from there. Since he loves electronic dance music and cannabis, he thought, "Hey, let's bring the EDM and cannabis scene together."

The main idea of Canna-Rave, he says, is to build a community in which marijuana fanciers who enjoy dancing and having fun can do so without other drugs and alcohol.

"It's a different type of rave," Hashman says. "A lot of people are just gonna be chillin'."

There will be nugs, munchies, dab stations, glass vendors and even a doctor giving MMJ evaluations to those who need some help with a red card. All of which sounds great, but it raises an obvious question: "Is this legal?"

"Basically now, cannabis is legal as long as it's at a private event," Hashman says. "So essentially you are paying to be a member of Canna-Rave for the evening."

This isn't the first event in Colorado that has featured open cannabis use. The High Times Cannabis Cup was accessible to anyone on 4/20 and went off without interference from law enforcement (although the clean-up was another story). And there are several clubs in Colorado Springs that hold pot events regularly.

So, in theory, the Canna-Rave plan is legal -- or at least legal enough to not be illegal.

According to Hashman, there will be no pot sold at the event and no alcohol in the private-club setting. Paid security will enforce the privacy rule in case police officers decide to pay a visit -- which is something that Hashman says has happened at his events before but has never been an issue.

Those who attend are welcome to bring up to an ounce of their favorite sticky green to smoke and share with friends. In addition, some generous stoners will be giving out samples. Hashman is one of them, and he says he'll have some of the go-go's walking around with trays of pot from his own recreational grow. The Incredibowl's Smoke Team will be there, too, offering samples. And for the wax fans, there will be four different dab stations with a variety of butane hash oil.

The event is more than just pot and munchies. There will also be blacklight body painting, chair massages, a bikini contest, dancers, and of course, the music.

"I was extremely selective about the DJs chosen," Hashman says. "I wanted to set the mood rather than get big names."

The eight DJs chosen are the "upbeat, dancey type," says Hashman, with "bassed and dance vibes." (They include Chocolate Drop, Beta's DJ, and international touring DJ Mostro of the group Monopoly Brothers.)The opening acts are a bit mellower, with each succeeding turntablist building up to more upbeat jams after midnight.

Right now, Hashman says, "there are still a good amount of tickets available. But you know pot heads: They always wait for the last minute."

He hopes to make Canna-Rave a quarterly event and is planning for the next installment to feature all female DJs. Presale tickets are available; send an e-mail to cannarave@gmail.com to save a spot on the guest list.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.