Marijuana plants "like trees" found in garden of home owned by ex-Rep. Dorothy Butcher

Former state representative Dorothy Butcher, a Democrat, represented Pueblo's District 46 for three terms, adding to an impressive résumé that also includes a stint on the Pueblo city council. Which only enhances the surprise sparked by a report that a small forest of marijuana plants, some as tall as an NBA player, were found in the garden of a home she owns.

According to the Pueblo Chieftain, thirteen plants between three and seven feet in height were seized from the property late last month. They were found in a garden otherwise dominated by corn and tomato plants.

No, Butcher doesn't live at the home; her daughter does. In addition, portions of the property have been used as rentals. For that reason, no one's been charged with wrongdoing -- because cops can't prove who planted the weed.

We've left a message with Butcher requesting an interview; when and if she responds, we'll update this post. But she told the Chieftain she was as surprised as anyone upon learning what had been growing behind the house. "They were like trees," she said. "It was actually beautiful. But we had no idea that's what it was."

Presumably, no one else in the neighborhood did, either -- or they might have been trimmed back considerably.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.