Marijuana Policy Project's eight worst state legislators -- with a Coloradan at number one

The Marijuana Policy Project has released its list of the country's eight worst state legislators -- officials who espoused what MPP communications director Mason Tvert calls "outrageous anti-marijuana" policies.

Given that Tvert, one of the main proponents of Amendment 64, is based here, it's not surprise that a Colorado politician -- one already under fire from other quarters -- tops the list. Count down MPP's top eight below, with each pick supplemented by a video that often (although not always) deals with marijuana.

YouTube clip description: "NH State Rep. John Cebrowski (R-Bedford) on the finer points of marriage and sandwiches." -- 2009

YouTube clip description: "Medical Marijuana bill introduced by Iowa Senators Joe Bolkom (D) & Jack Hatch (D) 2/24/11.

"Iowa's own 'DaGanja Gumshoe' Clel Baudler makes a cameo at the end,as usual, of course only speaks thru the media after. SCOWL BABY !!!!" -- February 2011

Continue to keep counting down the Marijuana Policy Project's eight worst state legislators. YouTube clip description: "SB 326, Montana Medical Marijuana Law improvement bill passed a mostly republican Senate with a 28-22 vote. SB 326 was stalled in House Health and Human Services Committee on a party-line vote- Representative Howard, the number one anti-marijuana advocate in the 2009 Montana House of Representatives- attest to his experience and relationship with the egregious drug, marijuana. This representative would leave or not even show up to any of the medical marijuana hearings held in committees on which he sat. True reefer madness mentality." -- 2009

YouTube clip description: "Florida lawmakers are considering a bill to prohibit the sale of pipes at stores where less than 75 percent of sales are tobacco. The bill passed, 16-0, on Thursday, March 11, 2010, despite several concerns from lawmakers - including what some of the smoking devices were." -- 2010

Continue to keep counting down the Marijuana Policy Project's eight worst state legislators. YouTube clip description: "North Carolina House Majority Leader Paul 'Skip' Stam on Tuesday likened gay marriage to incest and polygamy."

YouTube clip description: "State Representative John Kavanagh has introduced a measure to allow voters in 2014 to decide whether to repeal the medical marijuana law passed by voters in 2010."

Continue to keep counting down the Marijuana Policy Project's eight worst state legislators. YouTube clip description: "Rep. Luke Malek debates in favor of exchange."

YouTube clip description: "Gun right activists turned in a petition Monday to recall Democratic State Senate President John Morse. Opponents of Senator Morse said Monday was a day to celebrate but Morse said it's too early for celebrations." -- June 2013

Mason Tvert's statement about John Morse: "Senator Morse's sneaky, last-minute attempt to put a voter-approved initiative on the chopping block demonstrated he is not only tone-deaf to the facts about marijuana, but also to the majority of voters in Colorado Springs and the State of Colorado.

"Senator Morse is just one of the many elected officials in this country who cannot let go of their antiquated beliefs about marijuana. Fortunately, most people are seeing through the reefer madness. Despite these legislators' efforts to hold back progress, most Americans now agree that marijuana prohibition has failed and that it is time to adopt a more sensible approach."

More from our Marijuana archive: "Marijuana: Suspensions and bans for athletes using pot should change, activist says."

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