Marvin Booker.
Marvin Booker.

Marvin Booker death: Family to call for federal investigation after Denver jail personnel cleared

Yesterday, Denver finally released video showing the final moments of Marvin Booker, who died in Denver jail on July 9; see it below. But no charges were filed against Denver Sheriff's Department personnel.

In response, Booker's family is planning to demand a federal investigation at a news conference this morning.

In a release about the event, slated to take place at 10 a.m. this morning at the Alfred Arraj US Courthouse, 901 19th Street, the family's attorney, David Lane, refers to a "ten-month 'investigation'" -- the extra quote marks are his -- prior to the city's "approval of the killing of Marvin Booker by members of Denver's law enforcement." He adds: "In light of the City's refusal or inability to police itself, the Booker Family and other members of the community call for a federal investigation by the Department of Justice."

See the newly released video below.

More from our News archive: "Marvin Booker video: DA's office on why it can't release footage of man who died in Denver jail."


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