Mary Torres allegedly steals SUV with kids inside, hits & runs before crashing into house

Mary Torres, 27, is accused of leaving a trail of destruction in her wake yesterday -- not the least of which was the house she crashed into after she allegedly stole a Jeep with two children inside.

The kids are okay, but Torres definitely isn't, given the array of charges against her.

According to the Wheat Ridge Police Department, Torres, 27, was riding in a Jeep Cherokee with a couple and their daughter, age two, joined by a three-year-old male cousin. Along the way, the couple stopped to shop at a store on the 7600 block of West 44th Avenue, leaving the woman inside with the kids and the car keys.

Big mistake. Torres allegedly took the wheel of the Jeep are tore off with the kids inside, prompting the parents to call the cops from a nearby Safeway.

Before police could arrive, Torres reportedly rear-ended someone at West 38th Avenue and Fenton Street, doing a number on the vehicle and a brick wall. But rather than stopping to admire the destruction, the Jeep motored away again, this time heading south on Fenton.

Wheat Ridge police immediately alerted neighboring jurisdictions about an SUV on a spree, and it's a lucky thing, because the Jeep soon crossed into Denver in a big way, smashing through the exterior wall of a house at West 40th Avenue and Vallejo.

Denver Police say Torres responded to this sudden stop by leaving the kids inside the car and taking off on foot. But the DPD took her into custody before she got too far.

A man was inside the house, but he wasn't injured, and the two kids emerged without serious damage; they were both in car seats. As for Torres, she was taken into custody and held on outstanding warrants, and she'll be adding to the collection soon via likely charges of first degree aggravated motor-vehicle theft, second-degree kidnapping, felony child abuse, hit and run and DUI -- because the cops believe either drugs or alcohol was involved.

You think? Here's Torres's mug shot, followed by an earlier CBS4 report about the crash:

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.