Maurice Sevier ID'd as victim, Steven James Hernandez busted in 1525 Perry St. murder (21)

Update: Last week, Steven James Hernandez was arrested on suspicion of murder in an apartment house located at 1525 Perry Street. Now, the Denver coroner's office has released the identity of the victim: 55-year-old Maurice Sevier.

Cause of death: multiple stab wounds. Look below for our earlier reporting.

Update, 2:34 p.m. September 1: In our initial coverage of a homicide last night at 1525 Perry Street, we speculated that the Denver Police Department had a specific suspect in mind, and that appears to be the case. The DPD has just announced that Steven James Hernandez, 46, is being held for investigation of first-degree murder. No mug shot available yet. Look below for our earlier coverage.

Original item, 11:04 a.m. September 1: Last night, the Denver Police Department received a 911 call about a shooting or a stabbing at a 1525 Perry Street apartment complex.

It turned out to be the latter -- and the thus-far-unidentified victim was soon pronounced dead at Denver Medical Center.

At this point, details are few. According to the DPD, a suspect visited the victim in his apartment, stabbed him and then split. The cops note that the suspect's identity isnot being released at this time -- a clear indication they have someone specific in mind.

Look below to see an interactive graphic of the area near the crime scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.