Medical marijuana bill enthusiast Matt Brown: "We did it!"

Despite its legislative passage yesterday, HB 1284, the bill to regulate the medical marijuana industry, continues to earn mixed reviews.

The Cannabis Therapy Institute's Laura Kriho hates both HB 1284 and the previously approved SB 109, which seeks to clarify the relationship between doctors and medical marijuana patients. Sensible Colorado's Brian Vicente is on the fence, viewing the measures as flawed landmarks.

And Coloradans for Medical Marijuana Regulation executive director Matt Brown? He's just this side of overjoyed, sending out an e-mail blast to his membership early this morning featuring the subject-line phrase "We did it!" Here's his take on HB 1284's approval, complete with links to the final bills.


In a session that stretched late into the evening yesterday, the House approved HB1284 without any new amendments by a 46-19 vote. This means the bill is now off to the Governor's desk to be signed before becoming law. As has been widely reported by the media, there are a number of bad parts of this bill and many other parts that will be challenged in court in the coming days.

However, there are also a number of very good new additions to Colorado's Medical Marijuana program:

• Patients are now allowed to grow their own medicine AND name a MMJ Center or primary caregiver. (page 62 lines 4-5)

• "Higher Plant Count" recommendations in excess of 6 plants now recognized by Health Department. (page 65 line 25 - page 66 line 3)

• "Infused Products Manufacturer" allowed to sell to any licensed MMJ center in the state without patients registered to the infused products manufacturer's name. (page 41 lines 19-21)

• "Infused Products Manufacturer" allowed to grow all medicine needed to make their products. (page 40 lines 16-23)

• Requires the Dept of Health to create a formal policy to add new conditions to the MMJ registry. (page 57 lines 12-15)

• Encourages Colorado banks and credit unions to work with our industry. (page 38 lines 19-21)

Now that the bills are written and passed by the legislature, it's time for all of us to begin getting on the same page about what these new rules mean. I have attached a copy of the FINAL versions of HB 1284 regarding new dispensary regulations and SB 109 regarding the doctor/patient relationship.

*** Even if you haven't read a single bill so far, this is the time to read both of these new laws ***

Once you have read both bills, please email any questions you have to [email protected] before 8am FRIDAY. I am going to prepare a written Q&A with all your questions and the best answers available and will have evening and online meetings next week to continue answering your questions.



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