Medical marijuana roll call: Local dispensaries that may have bitten the dust

There's been lots of news about all the medical marijuana dispensaries opening around town, but some of the existing operations have been closing, too.

While there's no easy way to compile a complete list of which dispensaries have crashed and burned, a good point of reference is Westword's dispensary directory. While in the process of updating the directory in preparation for our upcoming edition of the Chronic-le, Westword's quarterly medical marijuana guide due out next week, Amber Taufen, our invaluable assistant editor, discovered that 23 of the businesses (listed below) tallied in the February 26 edition of the Chronic-le no longer seem to have working numbers.

That doesn't mean that all these businesses are necessarily closed, but probably a good number of them are. Still, less than two dozen closures isn't bad between February and now, especially since, in the meantime, Denver required all dispensary owners to pass a criminal background check and pay the city several thousand dollars in licensing fees.

What's more, dispensary openings are still considerably outpacing shut-downs. The February Chronic-le listed 229 dispensaries; next week's edition will feature 261.

Here's the list of the possible fallen soldiers. If you know that any of these operations are still open but just have new contact info, let us know in the comments section. Or if you know of other medicine shops that have burned out faster than your last joint, make note of those, too.

24/7 Health Care Centers 985 Dispensary ADG Herbal Medicine Affordable Medicine for Colorado Medicine B*Goods Capitol Hill Medicine Shoppe DenCo Denver Metro Cannabis Couriers Dr. Green Genes Green Door Wellness Center North Denver Green Door Wellness Center North Denver Northglenn Green Door Wellness Center North Denver South Denver Green Karma Medical Green Tree Medical House of Green Local Caregivers of Colorado Mapleton Medical Mary Jane Delivers Medical Marijuana Nature's Gifts NatuRx The 420 Shop The Green Light

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.