Melissa Benoist, Arapahoe High Grad, Is Supergirl: See Her in Costume

In September 2012, we noted that Melissa Benoist, who'd just been introduced as a character on Glee, was born in Littleton and attended Arapahoe High School.

This gig turned out to be a mixed blessing, given that the show had already peaked by the time she arrived and steadily declined afterward; it's currently circling the drain in a Friday evening dead-show-walking slot as it trudges toward its final episode.

Fortunately, Benoist has moved on in a big way, winning a supporting role in Whiplash, one of last year's best films, for which J.K. Simmons won an Oscar as best supporting actor.

More recently, Benoist was cast in the title role for the CBS-series adaptation of Supergirl, for which photos of her in costume have just been released.

YouTube videos capture some of Benoist's early stage work at Arapahoe. Here's footage of her at her senior recital:

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As she moved forward with her acting career, she paid her dues in, for example, this ad for Tampax....

...before landing a part on Glee, with Fox31 celebrating her as a local girl made good:

Then came Whiplash, in which she portrayed the on-again, off-again girlfriend of star Miles Teller. Here's a scene of the two of them together:

And now comes Supergirl, which is expected to land on CBS' fall 2015 schedule.

It's a good sign that CBS is already hyping the show via the release of photos showing Benoist in cosume.

Here's one shot....
...and the full-size version of the image at the top of this post:
Somehow, it seems appropriate that a character associated with Smallville will be portrayed by an actress from Littleton.

Here's a report about Benoist's Supergirl casting.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.