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Michael Hancock campaign on poll numbers, negative attacks -- and "Jailhouse Rock"

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Yesterday, we shared pics of mayoral frontrunner Michael Hancock belting out "Jailhouse Rock" with Jonny Barber & the Living Deads at Jonesy's EatBar over the weekend -- see the shots below. Don't interpret the song choice as his fantasy about where he'd like to send rival Chris Romer following a series of negative attacks: Hancock spokeswoman Amber Miller says the band picked the tune. But how did the duet happen in the first place?

According to Miller, Hancock and crew spent much of the weekend traveling to hot spots in their "ballot bus," and Jonesy's was one of the stops. Hancock took to the stage to briefly encourage the crowd to fill out their ballots. At that point, the band members asked if he'd vocalize with them -- and seconds later, Hancock was doing his best Elvis impression.

Hancock's got a lot to sing about these days, what with a recent poll showing him ten points ahead of Romer in advance of next Tuesday's final vote. Miller says these numbers echo a poll done by the Hancock campaign around the same period of time -- and she maintains that "momentum has continued to build since day one." However, she continues, "our strategy stays the same. We're going to continue to fight for every vote in Denver." She quotes former Denver mayor Wellington Webb, a major Hancock supporter, as noting that "polls are just a snapshot of the day -- and as Michael likes to say, unless people get their ballots in, they don't reflect anything. So this is really about getting those ballots in and making sure people know how to turn in their ballots. Friday is the last day you can mail them in."

And if folks hand ballots over at campaign stops, Hancock's helpers promise to deliver them -- a service they also offered during the first round of the mayor's race in early May.

Thus far, the number of ballots submitted has been relatively low, and Miller's not surprised. "We've definitely seen some election fatigue," she acknowledges. "This is kind of an odd election cycle, and I really think people are tired of politics as usual. There was negative campaigning going on in the November election, so I think there's been a carryover. But what people need to know is, once they turn in those ballots, the robo-calls and the door-knocking will stop. If you don't want to get those 527 mailers and don't want to hear the negative robo-calls, get your ballot in."

Regarding those calls, including ones suggesting that Tom Tancredo had endorsed Hancock (which he didn't do), Hancock has resisted the urge to fire back in kind. "From the beginning, Michael had every intention of running a positive campaign," Miller allows, "and so there was no real decision to be made there. He said he was going to talk about the issues, and that's what he's been doing. He doesn't see any reason to go negative to try and get the support of Denver voters."

As for the next song Hancock might be singing, Miller says, "I do know he loves Earth, Wind and Fire..."

Presumably, he'd prefer "Shining Star" to "Getaway." Look below to see photos of Hancock jailhouse rockin'.

More from our Calhoun: Wake-Up Call archive: "Tom Tancredo hasn't endorsed Michael Hancock, despite what pro-Romer tricksters say."

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