Michael Hancock prostitution link story can't go away fast enough for all concerned

The latest developments in the story linking mayor-elect Michael Hancock to the Denver Players prostitution biz suggest that everyone who's been slimed by it so far wants it to be over immediately if not sooner.

And who's at the front of the the parade along with Hancock himself? The Denver Post and former DP owner Scottie Ewing, the initial drum leader.

"Hancock records help clear doubt," an editorial in today's Post, is a clear signal that the paper wants to focus on something other than happy endings for a price. Of course, the item does include an attack on KHOW's Peter Boyles, described as a court jester with a small audience -- an assertion that really set him off this morning. But Hancock is wished well in his mayoral term, which now seems unlikely to be derailed, Anthony Weiner-style.

Granted, it's debatable whether the Post's laborious review of Hancock's cell phone records, conducted over more than eight hours at his attorneys' offices, definitively proves his innocence. But the lack of evidence beyond what was provided by Ewing, currently serving six months home detention for tax evasion, appears to be be enough for the Post to call off the dogs.

Meanwhile, the Denver Police Department has closed its investigation into the alleged theft of files from Ewing's home at the reported victim's request. The Post notes that Ewing "had tired of the investigation and regretted filing a report."

No mention about whether Ewing regrets having so energetically shopped the story about the name "Mike Handcock" showing up on Denver Players records alongside Hancock's personal cell phone number. In the end, though, his efforts mainly resulted in an epic distraction that diminished every person it touched. What an achievement.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.