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Michael Hancock spokesman on mayor's race: "We're in the runoff and we're going to win this"

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Yesterday, spokeswoman Amber Miller told us the Michael Hancock campaign would deliver ballots for voters -- and each one collected was important. Hancock finished second in the initial round of the Denver mayor's race, behind Chris Romer and so narrowly ahead of James Mejia that the latter hasn't conceded. But Miller says Hancock's not waiting to see the white flag. "We're in the runoff and we're going to win this," she says.

The strong performance yesterday didn't come as a shock to the Hancock camp. "We knew the wind was at our back," Miller says, "and we knew we had an army of volunteers out there helping people get their ballots in and understand the mail-in system. Momentum has been growing for Michael since day one, so we were very confident."

There's also optimism among many supporters that once Mejia does surrender, his supporters will more naturally drift toward Hancock than Romer -- although Miller shies away from echoing this theory.

"At the end of the day, Michael has continued to talk about the issues," she says, "and to talk about what's important to families and to the businesses throughout this city. And I think people relate to what he's been bringing to the table. So whether it's supporters of James or Doug [Linkhart] or Theresa Spahn, I think what they're going to be looking for, and who they're going to be supporting in the runoff, will be the person they can relate to -- someone they can trust to lead the city forward."

Having one of the two most effective and well-funded organizations among mayoral candidates (along with Romer) didn't hurt, either.

"Our team is great," Miller notes. "And we have a great leader. Michael is energized, ready to go at all times, and with somebody like that, you can't help but be energized for the future."

Lucky thing, since the battle for hearts and minds will only intensify over the next several weeks leading up to the June 7 runoff -- and it will be largely fought on television. That won't be cheap, but Miller says, "in terms of fundraising, and on all fronts, we're going to have to be strong yet again to continue the momentum we've had throughout this campaign."

Maybe that's why Hancock's been making the rounds of local stations this morning. We caught Miller en route to CBS4 after she'd accompanied the candidate to appearances on 9News and Fox31, with 7News to follow. And after that, she says, "we continue on with the day."

A day that started very well.

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