Michael Hancock's jobs program funded by trash fees: Kenny Be's Worst-Case Scenario

Inspired by President Obama's American Jobs Act campaign performance at Lincoln High School, Mayor Michael Hancock can now claim that new trash fees are needed to create new jobs... Mayor Hancock's Pay-As-You-Throw collection system will create dozens of new jobs for Trash Police Enforcement Officers, who will be needed to precede waste-collection vehicles and photo-ticket improper disposal violations, like the plastic bottle found in the compost bin shown above. Below, giving sloppy trash tossers the boot... Private-sector jobs will be created as manufactureres fill orders for new compost, recyclable and trash bins -- as well as the Denver Bin Boots needed to immobilize the bins of improper disposal violators. Below, find out what happens if a plastic container is found in your compost bin... A new Trash Court will have to be set up to keep repeat offenders out of the crowded jail system and will create many new employment opportunities for lawyers, therapists and trash-management companies.

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