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Michael Kaneta, Child Enticer, Allegedly Tricked Moms Into Taking Kids to "Charity" Photo Shoot

Sex offender/child enticer Michael Kaneta certainly appears to have come up with a clever scheme to convince moms to let him take snapshots of their kids: posing as a photographer for a charity calendar. But does he deserve credit for coming up with this unusual gambit? No! No! A thousand times, no -- as you'll understand when you see details and more below.

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Kaneta found his victims on the Colorado Angels Facebook page. According to 9News, which broke this creepy story, the organization is a private local parents-support group.

Presumably, Kaneta joined the group using the bizarre Facebook name Mak Arvz Ka. No page with that name exists at this writing, but here's a look at the post, as seen in 9News coverage:

Shared at about 8:45 a.m. on October 14, the grammatically challenged item reads: "Not sure if this is allowed. I am a photographer looking to put calendar together for children's hospital for a fundraiser. I need families, children, models, individuals to help. I just need people to allow me to take photos of them to use for calendar and will get copies of photos on a disk. Let me know of you can help. No charge for anything."

As you can see, the post collected 41 likes and 234 comments. We're guessing most of the latter were posted after what happened next.

At least two moms brought their kids to Croke Reservoir in Northglenn, where Kaneta photographed them. The moms tell 9News he didn't touch their kids during the shoot -- but we suspect there's a damned good chance he touched himself while looking at the images.

Why? The Colorado Bureau of Investigations sex offenders registry page lists Kaneta as having been convicted in September 2013 for enticement of a child -- solicitation.

Kaneta was subsequently arrested by Westminster police officers for failing to register as a sex offender -- something noted on his CBI page.

It's less clear whether he violated his probation via his calendar con; Northglenn police are said to be looking into that possibility.

But there's no doubt he has all the qualifications to be our latest Schmuck of the Week. Here's a larger look at his booking photo.

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