More pics below.
More pics below.

Michelle Aleman's alleged weapon of choice in sister stabbing? A barbecue fork

Initial reports about the arrest of Michelle Aleman in an attack on her sister, Bernadette Deleon, referred only to a stabbing.

Days later, Fort Collins authorities are releasing more information about the incident, for which Jeremy Velasquez was also busted, including the implement used to seriously wound Deleon -- a barbecue fork.

The report comes courtesy of the Fort Collins Coloradoan, which notes that Aleman, 21, is being held on a $50,000 bond. Velasquez's bond is $15,000, and the charges against him are lesser, too. He's currently looking at third-degree-assault and tampering-with-evidence beefs, while Aleman has a first-degree assault accusation before her.

Officers reportedly found Deleon at a mobile home park early Saturday morning; she was bleeding from four stab wounds in her chest and abdomen. The victim has since been discharged from a Loveland hospital.

No word from authorities yet on what role Velasquez played in this melodrama, but he's said to be Deleon's boyfriend. He's also on parole after popping off a weapon near a Fort Collins Walmart in 2009. He's thought to be a Denver gang member.

Aleman and Velasquez are due back in court on Friday. In the meantime, they probably won't be hosting any barbecues.

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