Mike Bestor as suburban superhero Golden Grillzilla: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Golden Grillzilla Real Name: Michael C. Bestor Occupation: City Manager Suburb of Operations: Golden, Colorado and sometimes Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria Hair: Extensive Eyes: Telescopic vision

Known superhero skills: Golden Grillzilla can endow himself with Class 100 coordination, enabling him direct responsibility for all of the facilities, services and the overall operation of the entire city of Golden. He possesses Management Savvy which he can use to generate powerful sustainability initiatives and to arrange intergovernmental risk-sharing agreements. Golden Grillzilla travels with a charcoal grill, which responds to his folksy picnic commands to educate foreigners about his fair city. He has a Cosmic Awareness, which allows him to cancel scheduled barbecues when he feels the disapproving vibes of fellow residents.

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Kenny Be
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