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Reader: Better to Gentrify a Parking Lot Than a Neighborhood

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The south end of the Broncos' stadium will soon change. A nonprofit created by the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, a political subdivision of the state, and the Broncos is "exploring the creation of a mixed-use neighborhood destination on the property, which is currently occupied by surface parking lots that are only used during games and special events."

The city's planning department will hold public meetings to gather input on the plan. How do readers feel about it?

Michael says:

More corporate welfare. Giving them a stadium isn't enough. Now we have to give them property to develop.
 Doug argues:

More gentrification, this will go hand in hand with the proposed redevelopment of the Sun Valley Area to the south. What will happen to the parking and RTD Bronco Buses?
  Timbo explains:

Nah, more Hancrook the mayor and his cronies. What a sad sack he is.. You Denver folks will get screwed. Enjoy, you vote Dumbocrap and that's what you get.
Spenser notes:

Better to gentrify a parking lot than a neighborhood.
Dalton says:

Because getting to and from events and parking doesn’t suck enough already...
 Dave explains:

Grow or die. There is no in between. Amusement parks are horribly underutilized properties. Elitch Gardens leaving northwest Denver was great for West Highlands. Ugly dirt parking lot is now filled with housing and retail. Certain sports stadia (looking at you, American-style football) belong out in the boonies. How many days a year is Mile High occupied? Do attendees spend money in the downtown area or do they just drive, arrive and depart?
Keep reading for more stories about gentrification and Mile High Stadium.

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