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Mom Norma Sisneros says she didn't realize daughter Tina Guerrero was robbing bank

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Update: Here's an interesting twist on the story of alleged mother-daughter bank robbers busted in Westminster yesterday.

Mom Norma Sisneros was portrayed as the getaway driver for her daughter, Tina Guerrero. But Sisneros now says she didn't realize what the hell Guerrero was doing.

Sisneros told 9News that she thought Guerrero was picking up uniforms she needed for a job. She claims she dropped her off in the 72nd and Federal area, then began to play solitaire to pass the time, not noticing that Guerrero went into the bank -- and not realizing she'd pulled off a heist upon her return. No one was more shocked than she about being arrested and accused of being a co-conspirator instead of a dupe.

She adds that Guerrero is "on heroin" and isn't allowed in her house because of assorted bad things she's done in the past. Bet this decision won't be rescinded anytime soon.

Look below to see the 9News report about Sisneros, followed by our previous coverage:

Original item, 11:44 a.m. October 12: Although mothers and their little girls share a special bond, it doesn't usually extend to matching criminal charges. But mom Norma Sisneros and daughter Tina Guerrero are exceptions thanks to their arrest yesterday following an attempt to rob a bank. Westminster Police Investigator Trevor Materasso shares this not-quite-cuddly family story.

"We got a call at 4:40 p.m. yesterday," Materasso says. "And we learned that Tina Guerrero went into the bank" -- the TCF Bank near 72nd Avenue and Federal -- "with a bag. And she explained to the teller that she had a bomb inside and demanded money."

After this request was granted, "she left the bank and got into a brown SUV driven by mom," he continues. "And they left, but we happened to have undercover officers in the area working on something unrelated. They saw the vehicle leave and a description was aired."

An attentive Adams County deputy soon spotted the SUV in the area of 75th and Broadway "and a traffic stop was made," Materasso says. "And Norma did stop; she was ultimately arrested from the vehicle. But Tina ran."

She didn't get far. She was busted shortly thereafter at an apartment complex. "I believe she was found in a utility room for laundry," he points out.

Amid this rush of events, Materasso says that items taken during the robbery were recovered -- presumably money, although it's against department policy to reveal how much. However, no bomb was recovered, leading investigators to conclude that there never was one. "We don't have any fear that the public could come upon some type of explosive device," he stresses.

Both Sisneros, 53, and Guerrero, 31, were arrested for suspicion of aggravated robbery. And while Materasso says "it's not that surprising for the police department to have women involved in a robbery either as a lone individual or part of a group," their relationship as mom and daughter is "more odd and uncommon."

That's one way of putting it. Look below to see larger versions of their booking photos:

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