Mom Selina Ramirez Charged For Her Role in Daughter's Girl Fight: "Sock the Bitch!"

In general, we celebrate mothers who support their daughters, particularly during those difficult teenage years.

Selina Ramirez certainly did so in their case of her sixteen-year-old — but the folks at the Denver District Attorney's Office aren't cheering.

Instead, prosecutors have formally charged Ramirez, 38, with assault and more.

That's because she's alleged to have not only attended a fight in which her daughter took part, but actually got into the action herself.

An arrest affidavit naming Ramirez — see it below — tells the tale.

On April 22, according to the document, an officer responded to Colorado High School Charter, located in suite 100 of a building at 1175 North Osage Street.

The reason for the call was a fight between "two juvenile female students" that took place at La Alma Park, near the school.

One of the participants had been transported to a nearby hospital after she'd lost consciousness.

The report blots out the names of the girls, but it maintains that one of them struck the other "in the face/head area with a closed fist approximately ten times."

At that point, the recipient of this beating fell to the ground, the report continues, after which her attacker "and her family started kicking her all over her body."

This reference to family became clearer after the officer chatted with the school's principal.

He revealed that he had in his possession a Facebook video of the fight.

The video no longer appears to be online. However, the arrest affidavit says the clip includes shots of the girls arguing and Ramirez goading her daughter with comments such as "Sock the bitch and get it over with!" and "Just hit her!"

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Once the fight got underway, the report states, Ramirez stood nearby, watching the melee — and after her daughter yelled, "Oh, this bitch is biting me, Mom!," she allegedly pulled the two girls apart, then aggressively shoved her daughter's opponent to the ground, causing the girl to smack the ground with the back of her head.

The report surmises that the girl suffered a concussion as a result. However, the fight continued for a while after that, with the video showing Ramirez backing off and becoming a spectator again.

Months later, Ramirez has been accused of third-degree assault and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Her next court appearance is August 11.

Look below to see Ramirez's booking photo, followed by the aforementioned arrest affidavit.

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