Monday Morning Hang Over

It was all celluloid all the time this weekend as the 30th Denver Film Festival kicked off in fine fashion on Thursday and really got rolling through Sunday. I know they have a corporate sponsor, and to be really accurate I should call it the Starz Denver Film Festival, but I'm of the ilk who has always and will always call that stadium on Federal Mile High Stadium. So sue me -- I wonder if corporate identity omission is an actionable offense. If I hear from the lawyers, dear readers, you'll find a rant detailing the whole litigious affair here soon enough.

Anywho, Michael Roberts checked out Thank You For Smoking director Jason Reitman's new comedy about teen pregnancy, Juno, with his twin 14-year-old daughters.

And Cory Casciato was able to squeeze in screenings of the low-budget horror film, End of the Line, as well as JFK assassination doc, Oswald's Ghost. He enjoyed them both, in spite of himself. Check out trailers for both these films below.

And outside the world of independent cinema, in the heart of darkness (read Boulder), Eryc Eyl caught the Bloody Arm, Art Brut, and the seminal rock act the Hold Steady together on stage at the Fox Theater last night and had this to say about it.

Oswald's Ghost

End of the Line

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